This Is How Joe Biden Likes To Stay In Shape

Leading a country must take up a lot of time. That is why we're especially interested to find out how current President Joe Biden is staying in shape. According to Business Insider, past President Donald Trump liked to sweat it out on the golf course. And President Barack Obama preferred to shoot hoops and lift weights in the morning. America's presidents are certainly active. And the current one in the Oval Office appears to be no different.

Before Biden moved into the White House with his wife and gaggle of secret service agents, he preferred to get his fit on with a Peloton bike. But according to Popular Mechanics, the president's favorite stationary bike couldn't join in the move due to security risks with the bike's microphone and screen used for group classes.

Alas, the leader of the free world has gone to his plan B exercise routine. And it's pretty impressive for a man of 78. "It's hard to get into a really regular schedule, but for me, I've been sticking to a routine and it helps. It helps me deal with my day. I try to get out of bed by eight o'clock in the morning and I have a gym in my house upstairs," reveals President Biden via Fit&Well.

President Biden likes to lift weights while on the phone

The commander in chief's gym is outfitted with the very best treadmill and stationary bike, shares Fit&Well. In addition to using supreme, heart-healthy, cardio equipment, Medium reports the President likes to lift weights. He's gotten into the habit of multitasking and likes to lift weights while on phone calls. Though when it comes to the current president's diet, there is room for improvement. It appears he has a major sweet tooth. Though he is known to not be a fan of alcohol and doesn't mind loading up on the vegetables.

According GQ, Biden's successful bid to win the presidency comes only after three attempts and over three decades of hard work. As the oldest sitting president in the history of the U.S., he clearly has drive. And his doctor declares him to be "fit and vigorous." The president doesn't need his Peloton. It's clear his healthy weightlifting habits, cardio workouts, and decent diet are keeping him fit enough to fight in the Oval Office.