Traits You're More Likely To Inherit From Your Mom

There's no single straightforward answer to what makes us who we are as a person. Our environment, social communities, personality, and genetic makeup are just a few of the endless list of factors that make you, well, you! When it comes to genetics, science tells us there may be some insight to be gained into ourselves by analyzing the genes of our mothers and fathers. As it turns out, there are some character traits that can be predominantly traced back solely to mom.

Although it mathematically makes sense that we would be equal parts a product of each parent, it turns out, this is not exactly the case. Scientifically speaking, the father's genes are dominant, so while this means the father's genes may be more likely to present themselves physically in offspring, we actually inherit more genes from our mothers (via The Conversation). This is due to the fact that the mitochondria contained in all of our cells is passed on only from the mother.

So out of all our many traits, which ones do we have mom to thank for?

Sleep, wrinkles, and your dominant hand are all influenced by mom

According to The Washington Post, nearly 90% of the population predominantly uses their right hand. However, if you're someone who steps up to bat and swings with your left hand, you have mom to thank for your left-handedness. If your mother is naturally left-handed, chances are that you'll inherit that same trait (via Family Education).

Additionally, your quality of sleep can also be influenced by your mother's genes (via First Cry Parenting). Specifically, whether or not you have difficulty falling and staying asleep, as well as if you frequently move around throughout the night, can all be passed on to baby if mom also has these same sleeping patterns.

According to Reader's Digest, your skin quality can also be inherited from your mom. The development of facial creases is a natural part of the aging process. As you get older, the degree to which you do or do not develop laugh lines and smile lines around the face can be the result of your mother's genetics. While external lifestyle factors can also influence the appearance of wrinkles, we like to think that the presence of these lines is a sign of a life well spent full of laughter and joy.