You Might Want To Rethink Eating Lunch At Your Desk. Here's Why

Work days can be chaotic. The meetings, the emails, and the sheer output of productivity can leave very little time for lunch. For those of you that take the time to eat your leftovers in the park nearby your office, or dine out with colleagues, good for you for taking a healthy break. Too many of us are cramming down our lunches while sitting at our desks and trying not to cover the keyboard in crumbs. Yes, you may be getting through the day's tasks. But read on to find out why eating lunch at your desk might not be the best way to spend your lunch "break."

According to Business Insider, humans weren't meant to be sitting all day. Really, just a little movement for your spine, and stretching for your muscles can go a long way to keep your mind clear and productive. So even if you must eat your sandwich while typing an email, give yourself enough time to take a short walk to stretch your legs after.

The midday vacation from your desk could also be just what is needed for a much-needed creative burst.

The break could be all you need to get even more done at your desk

Professor Kimberly Elsbach of the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management shares via Business Insider, "We know that creativity and innovation happen when people change their environment, and especially when they expose themselves to a nature-like environment, to a natural environment." So consider bringing your to-go order to a park bench instead of heading straight back to your computer. 

Chowing down on leftovers at your desk could also increase your risk of both overeating and not feeling satisfied. "Unconscious eating is eating without giving much thought to the physiological cues that we may pay attention to when we are sitting at the dinner table and having a meal," says Leanne Redman, the associate executive director for scientific education at Pennington Biomedical Research Center (via Huffington Post). Adding, "We are not paying attention to cues about satiety. We are more likely to eat more quickly and not feel full."

We now know that not giving yourself a break to eat lunch away from your desk can actually do the opposite of your intention to get as much done as possible within your workday. So give yourself time to stop and smell the roses. Or at least stop and smell the lunch you're eating away from your desk.