Is It Possible To Reverse Bad Eyesight?

Eyesight is a trait that many feel is set in stone. Either you have good eyesight or you need corrective lenses. And the older we get, the worse our eyesight will become. But there are people online who claim that a person can improve their eyesight without undergoing surgery or using corrective lenses.

Some people insist that a specific diet can reverse poor eyesight. Other people say that the secret lies in supplements. Or, more often, a blend of supplements sold on their site. Other people suggest eye exercises, as the eye is a muscle and can be worked like other muscles in the body.

Arizona Retinal Specialists falls into this last category. They suggest that a person with weak eyes or a lazy eye can improve their eye strength by drawing a dot in the center of a pencil and then focusing on the dot as they move the pencil in front of their face, bringing it closer and moving it further away at varying lengths. And while this might sound like a reasonable exercise, and it certainly can't hurt, there are others who are skeptical of such claims.

Protecting your eyes is more likely

Harvard Health Publishing doubts the idea that a person can strengthen their vision without surgery. In their article on the topic, they point out that there are currently no clinical trials or focused studies on the efficacy of eye strengthening exercises. Similarly, there are currently no scientifically proven diets or supplements that are proven to improve eyesight, though some foods seem to protect eyesight at whatever level it's currently at. Again from Harvard, the list includes broccoli, flax seed, chickpeas, and almonds, among many others.

Although Arizona Retinal Specialists may not agree with Harvard on the efficacy of eye exercises, they do have other suggestions that line up with Harvard's. Among these suggestions is to reduce eye strain to protect your current eye health by both wearing sunglasses when under bright sunlight and by taking breaks from looking at screens. Another suggestion is to stop smoking if you currently do. Smoking leads to macular degeneration and quitting can slow the effect. So while surgery is still the only proven method of improving eyesight, there are ways to protect what you currently have.