Just How Painful Is A Vasectomy?

Having an operation is a serious matter. And the best thing you can do as a preoperative patient is to be as prepared as possible. It helps to know what to expect, and establishing the right habits in advance can make your recovery go much smoother, states US News. As serious as getting surgery is, the social outlook on a few procedures has become a little more lighthearted — especially when it comes to getting a vasectomy. There are plenty of comical story lines on TV about a man being terrified to get "the snip." Or perhaps your friends are joking about your "manhood" being taken away. As WebMD states, it is a rather simple procedure. But we can't ignore that surgeries often bring a side effect no one wants to joke about: pain. Just how painful is a vasectomy, really?

According to MayoClinic, a vasectomy is a low-risk operation that can usually be done at an outpatient clinic with local anesthesia. The procedure is an effective form of male birth control that is carried out by sealing off the tubes that carry sperm, thereby preventing the sperm from entering the semen and leaving the body. 

You should take it easy for a few days after a vasectomy

WebMD reveals the procedure takes around 30 minutes, and there may be some mild pain experienced during recovery. As for the procedure itself, Advanced Neurology claims that it isn't painful, though some men reported feeling a slight pinch or tugging when the tubes that carry the semen are being handled. Once you get home and begin to recover, you may experience some bleeding, bruising, and swelling in that area. Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter painkillers to manage discomfort. You can also ice the area for short periods to combat swelling, and wear tighter-fitting underwear to provide support to the scrotum during recovery. However, symptoms should subside on their own within a couple of days.

The lighthearted approach when it comes to this surgery may help your nerves. And even joking about getting "the snip" with your friends can be an effective way to reduce any stress you have leading up to the surgery (via Mayo Clinic). Luckily for vasectomy patients, the level of pain during and after surgery is reported to be both manageable and temporary.