A Benefit Of Wearing High Heels That Might Surprise You

The leading ladies in the iconic films "Legally Blonde" and "Clueless" have some pretty noticeable similarities, including their frequent choice to wear high heels. Elle Woods and Cher Horowitz were also both blondes, and these two fashionistas called Bel-Air their lavish home. They had their "As if" and "What, like it's hard?" memorable catchphrases, and both women turned out to be surprisingly more intelligent than their audience had originally given them credit for, and their futures looked understandably bright. However, their good fortune may have had something to do with their footwear, specifically their high heels.

You read that correctly. The towering high heels Elle and Cher strut around in throughout their respective films are not only a nod to their characters' fashion taste but also visual clues to their solid decision-making abilities. These two were onto something, and now, there is some research to back it up. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Marketing Research (via Best Life), people who shop in high heels tend to have a better sense of balance, and not just in the physical sense. These individuals also tend to excel in terms of managing their finances, which may be good news for their wallets.

Your heels may be hurting your feet but they are helping your wallet

The research went on to indicate that with balance on the brain, high-heel-wearing shoppers are able to make more sensible choices when it comes to spending. It was also noted that the subjects in the study were more likely to avoid extravagant purchases, and instead, gravitated toward more affordable products. Admittedly, both Elle and Cher appeared to have a bit of a shopping addiction, but who knows? Perhaps it would have been much worse if they had worn their running shoes to the mall. 

This does not necessarily mean that you should walk around in high heels all day in order to make more sensible choices. In fact, chiropodist Stephen Hartman, chief executive officer of the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine, warns that wearing high heels should not become a habit. "A two-inch heel is okay in moderation, for one day a week or a special event," he told Best Health

Elle and Cher certainly made high heels a part of their daily wardrobe, but there is no need to mimic them when you have your overall health to manage. Perhaps you'll want to throw on a pair of sling backs the next time you're feeling the urge to shop.