This Is What You Should Do If You Cut Your Nails Too Short

Most of us have accidentally cut our nails too short at some point. According to Healthline, you should trim your nails every one to two weeks if you want to keep them at a certain length. However, this repetitive routine can sometimes lead to a sudden mishap, and once you over-clip, there is no going back. Hopefully, your nails will grow back fast to correct the error over time. Until then, this is what you should do.

The newly exposed skin around your nails will likely throb and feel a little raw. That being said, what you should be most concerned about is protecting your skin and nails from developing an infection. "I would suggest soaking your hands in warm water with a small slice of lemon a couple times a day to keep your nails clean," Amy Ling Lin, founder of a nail care brand and studio called Sundays in New York City, recommends to Well+Good. "Lemon is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic — however, I wouldn't suggest having too many lemon slices, as it might cause your fingers to sting."

Keep your focus and invest in the right nail products

Keeping the skin healthy around your newly clipped nails is essential to preventing infection. That being said, you'll still likely want to take care of the irritation caused by an accidental over-clip. "Since your cuticle will be weak or improperly removed, try rubbing a natural cuticle oil such as jojoba oil," Lin told Well+Good. "It's very moisturizing and a mild solution to help relieve pain without irritation. You can apply it numerous times a day." By treating your mishap and soothing the irritation, you should be able to carry on with your daily life. 

But how do you prevent this from happening again? First and foremost, avoiding an over-clip of the nail involves focus while clipping. It's too easy to get distracted during such a repetitive routine. Healthline also recommends investing in high-quality nail-cutting tools that won't snag your nails. Accidently clipping your nails too short does require some extra nail maintenance. However, you should be able to avoid this mishap in the future with the right amount of TLC and proper equipment.