The Real Reason Yoga Can Make You Gassy

If you've ever practiced yoga, you have no doubt noticed that some poses give you an urge to pass gas. Of course, flatulence is natural. In fact, most people pass up to about half a gallon of gas daily, according to Live Science. Anything you eat or drink gives you gas, and gas can only leave your body through flatulence or belching. Some smells are no doubt worse than others, and this is due to the fact that bacteria produce compounds in your gut that often contain sulfur (via Health).

When it comes to yoga — especially if you are taking a class with others — you might not want gas to become an issue, but more than likely it will at some point. Yoga is beneficial for the body, and there are even some poses that encourage the digestive system to let go of a little gas. These include child's pose, knee to chest pose, and forward folds, notes Medical News Today. But why is that the case?

It's all in the moves

Several yoga poses involve twisting and turning. Some may even put pressure on your abdomen, and that means that any gas that happens to be trapped in your intestines will probably be forced out, pelvic floor therapist Alicia Roberts told Healthline. She added that twisting moves "gas down and out," which is why yoga is good for the GI system. In addition, moving your legs out during poses stretches your pelvic floor and anal sphincter, which also helps push out gas. Beth Cooke, a yoga instructor in New York City agrees. She told Well + Good that the air in your intestines has to go somewhere while you are moving, twisting, and folding. 

If you experience excessive gas, you may find that yoga actually helps. Lisa Korchma, co-owner of New Jersey-based Yogawood, told Everyday Health that a regular yoga practice can improve digestive health and help eliminate bloating, which often causes gas. So the next time you pass a little gas while doing yoga, remember it's good for you.