Why Kickboxing Is The Workout You've Been Missing

The best kind of workout routine is one that you will stick to. Many people find it hard to commit to running on the treadmill every day or lifting heavy weights in the gym. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can stay active and have fun. Kickboxing is an excellent workout that many people don't utilize. It allows you to work on cardio, endurance, strength, and speed all at once. According to Women's Health, a 2014 study found that this exercise routine can improve "upper-body and aerobic power, anaerobic fitness, flexibility, speed, and agility."

Kickboxing uses the entire body to perform a variety of moves like kicking, punching, and squatting. "The power comes from the legs, through the core, and then translates out to the arms," Eliza Shirazi, a trainer at Everybody Fights in New York City, said. Most kickboxing workouts include warmup and cooldown exercises that also work the entire body. You'll build endurance by moving your body consistently during the entire session and speed by improving your punching and kicking speed. It takes a lot of strength to drive punches and kicks, so this workout also helps you build muscle.

Kickboxing can benefit your brain, too

This workout doesn't only offer physical benefits. It can be a great stress reliever when life begins to get you down. "I've had so many people come in to train and they become a different person when they leave," certified personal trainer Martin Kelly told Byrdie. "It's like a therapy session; they get all the bad energy out when they are punching a bag or hitting mitts."

Kickboxing can be motivating, it can help you learn about yourself, and it can make you more confident (via Harper's Bazaar). "In addition to building physical strength, boxing can help to make you feel more powerful mentally and give you the fighting spirit to enable you to deal with any of life's more challenging situations," said boxing coach Tanya Morgan. "Boxing can also instill a sense of achievement which builds confidence and self-esteem."

Many gyms offer kickboxing classes, so check if there are any local trainers nearby who can get you involved in this workout. Kickboxing workouts can even be done in your home without any equipment.