Why You Should Always Take Off Your Jewelry Before Bed

Do you often forget to take off your wedding ring or favorite chain necklace before slipping under the covers? Perhaps you sleep with diamond studs in your ears that are so tiny, you forget they are even there. The jewelry we wear every day can almost feel like a second skin when we rarely take it off, but is this habit doing harm to our health? 

There are a few obvious pros to sleeping with jewelry on, especially when it comes to pieces you really don't want to lose. Torsten Flaegel, the owner of an independent jewelry boutique in New York City, told Brides magazine, "I see nothing but pros, as an engagement ring and wedding band are made to be worn at all times. It seems to be bad luck to take it off frequently." 

You also are less likely to misplace your jewelry if you don't take it off. Bad luck and misplaced items aside, you might want to start making a habit of taking all your jewelry off before bed, but why? 

Taking off your jewelry at night can help you avoid an allergic reaction

As it turns out, many people sweat while they sleep. Verywell Health notes that the cause for our soaked sheets can be linked to stress, anxiety, alcohol consumption, or a warm sleep environment. According to Bright Side, jewelry that sits directly on your skin, like a ring or a tight bracelet, will trap all of that extra sweat and become a breeding ground for bacteria. You might also want to consider that your jewelry can interrupt a quality night's rest. Our hands naturally swell at night, meaning rings can suddenly become irritatingly tight at 3 a.m. If you're wearing a long necklace, for example, your sheets could quickly become tangled in the chain.

You may also be increasing your risk for an allergic reaction. "Metals that are added to gold and silver such as nickel can be extremely irritating to the skin," Dr. Marina Peredo, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, told Self. Give your skin a break from an allergy caused by over-exposure to metal.

Sleeping with your jewelry on may feel like no big deal, especially if you are in the habit of doing so. But to lessen your risk of skin irritation, bacteria build-up, and possible disruption during sleep, take a few moments before shutting off the lights to remove your jewelry.