The Healthy Swap That Can Replace Your Sour Cream

Sour cream is a delicious condiment that is the perfect addition to meals like tacos, soups, and baked potatoes. Although its tangy flavor makes it a favorite among many foodies, this topping isn't the healthiest thing you could be eating. According to Healthline, sour cream is high in calories and saturated fat. It also doesn't contain many nutrients.

Fortunately, there is an easy swap you can make when you're craving the taste of sour cream but want something better for you. Greek yogurt offers the tanginess of sour cream and even has a similar texture. Plus, this ingredient is packed with health benefits. According to Medical News Today, Greek yogurt is high in calcium and protein. Both of these nutrients can improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis as you age.

The protein in Greek yogurt will also keep you full after eating for longer than sour cream. "Greek yogurt is a great portable protein and it can also help you quell hunger," Katherine Brooking, MS, RD, told Eat This, Not That!. "What's more, Greek yogurt may also help fight belly fat, according to a recent study presented at the annual Society for Endocrinology conference. Researchers found that when protein is digested and broken down, one of the resulting amino acids, phenylalanine, triggers hormones that help reduce appetite, which can lead to weight loss." If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight, Greek yogurt is a great option.

Greek yogurt is great for gut health

Yogurt contains live probiotics that can improve gut health and digestion. "Eating Greek yogurt on a regular basis can provide your gut with a healthy influx of probiotic bacteria, as Greek yogurt can contain live active cultures," Leah Silberman, RD from Tovita Nutrition, told Eat This, Not That!. This food is also high in potassium and vitamin B12. These nutrients help lower blood pressure, balance sodium levels, assist with the formation of red blood cells, and keep your brain healthy (via Healthline).

When selecting a Greek yogurt product, it is important to choose one that is unsweetened, low-fat, and does not contain many additives. Some additives may be necessary for preservation, but the total ingredient list should be short. You can substitute Greek yogurt anywhere you would use sour cream. Stir it into soups, spread it on tacos, or drop a spoonful onto a baked potato. If you want to substitute sour cream for Greek yogurt in a baking recipe, consult the recipe or author before doing so. Some recipes may require the extra fat from the sour cream to get the most desirable final product. However, you should be able to use Greek yogurt in most cases without any issue.