The Worst Injuries Steve-O Has Ever Gotten

The next installment of "Jackass" is set to premiere in early February 2022 (via Screen Rant), and Steve-O, the leading stuntman, recently released a horrific YouTube video that details ten of his craziest stunts and their subsequent injuries. We can only assume that this video was recorded and released to warm audiences up for the debauchery and chaos that is set to occur in "Jackass Forever." 

In case you've been living without internet since 2000, or you just don't have a taste for watching people injure themselves, the legendary Steve-O, born Stephen Glover, is a professional stuntman who takes that title to a whole new level. After an early adulthood full of failure, Steve-O attended clown school as a stepping stone toward his ultimate goal: stunting. He partnered with actor Johnny Knoxville during the Y2K era to provide MTV with a stunt-based reality TV show — you know the one, the original "Jackass". "Jackass" turned into a phenomenon, and it wasn't long before middle school boys everywhere drank the Kool-Aid, and maybe even tried stapling their scrotums to their thighs, gnarly (via The Daily Best).

"Jackass Forever" is supposed to be filled with some of the craziest, most dangerous stunts imaginable. Rumors about injuries and hospitalizations have already been circulating, so to celebrate, we chose to outline some of the most epic injuries of Steve-O's psychotic career to date.

He bonked his butt while jumping off of a roof into a hot tub

Steve-O cites his big bum bonk as number ten on his top ten injuries, meaning this was the least painful of the list (via YouTube). Steve-O leapt off of a roof and into a hot tub. Instead of just sinking to the bottom as he allegedly expected to, he hit the base of the tub, and his tailbone hit the bench on the way down. 

This is the first stunt shown in his promotional video, and man, it looks like it hurt. He explains that he sustained relatively minor injuries in the grand scheme of his career, but that it hurt a lot. Viewers then get shown still shots of his bruised and battered backside as he laments about how you shouldn't really mess with the spine or tailbone area. ... However, it doesn't seem like he really learned his lesson with the hot tub jump, because he sustained spinal damage later in his career, as you'll see (via Lad Bible).

Steve-O snorted a line of wasabi

While this particular antic didn't make it into Steve-O's own recounting of his worst injuries, the graphic video fully shows the pain on his face after he snorted a legit line of wasabi up his nose (via YouTube). Wasabi is a root vegetable that gets pounded into a paste and used as a condiment, often with sushi — and if you've ever consumed it, you know it can be quite spicy (per Taste of Home). Steve-O casually asks the sushi chef for a bunch of the stuff, and once he receives it, he adds some soy sauce and creates a long line with his chopsticks. He then proceeds to snort a large chunk of line up his nose, which apparently is immediately painful. We can only imagine the burn of something so spicy traveling through our snouts.

With a nasal passage full of wasabi, Steve-O then doubles over on the bar, gags and chokes a bunch, and then proceeds to take another "shooter." After a few moments of Steve-O red-faced and gagging, he vomits into the sushi. If you have a weak stomach, we recommend stopping the video before the second shooter is inhaled. If nothing else, don't watch it while eating cheddar broccoli soup, ew. The fact that this antic didn't make Steve-O's list of most painful moments only speaks to his incredible tolerance and, it seems, enjoyment of pain (via YouTube). 

He slid off of a balance beam and onto hot coals

"Burns are the worst," Steve-O exclaims as he excitedly recounts his ninth worst injury of all time (via YouTube). The plan was as simple as could be! Steve-O was going to walk across a balance beam, get knocked off by a fireball, and then jump onto a bed of burning coals. He performed this act in his usual risqué attire, with his entire butt showing. Because the owner of the warehouse decided to protect the integrity of his flooring, he had it covered in sheets of metal (via YouTube). The hot coals were spread out atop the metal sheets, creating what Steve-O called a "frying pan."

A fireball came flying and knocked Steve-O off the beam and onto the bed of burning coals, into his proverbial frying pan. He landed poorly and ended up with severe burns all over his butt and arms (via YouTube). Steve-O explains that this was the first time he'd had to go to the hospital and endure treatment while sober. Ouch. 

Steve-O had a "legendary" night in Miami

While this story is appalling, Steve-O didn't sustain this injury while doing a stunt. By his own account, he and the reckless Chris Pontius, another "Jackass" alum (via IMDb), consumed a lot of substances (via YouTube). What followed was apparently an eventful night. Steve-O doesn't share exactly how he got injured, but he explains that he spent the night wandering around Miami with his toe essentially unattached from his foot. He didn't go to the hospital and was humorously carried out onto a stage without a shirt on the following evening to present at the Latin VMAs. 

In his enthusiastic telling, Steve-O also explains that his partner-in-crime, Pontius, ended up in a psychiatric ward that evening because he was found sleeping butt-naked on the roof of a parked car — so cozy. So while this injury didn't occur during a logic-defying stunt, Steve-O calls it one of his top ten worst injuries of all time, and based on the photographic evidence, we are inclined to agree (per YouTube).

He broke his collarbone after being pushed off of a van in a trash can

Steve-O has a penchant for being pushed off of rooftops, cars, waterfalls, and more while inside a trashcan, full Oscar the Grouch style. Sooner or later, one of these events had to go wrong. In the footage, a young Steve-O in a helmet surveys the bushes below the van he stands atop of before jumping into a standard trash can (via YouTube). His buddies give him a healthy push and, as Steve-O explains, a wheel on the bottom of the trash can got caught somehow. This led to Steve-O being launched from the trashcan and into the bushes head first. He stood up quickly and grimaced while holding his collar bone. 

A few days later he went to the hospital and had an x-ray that showed a full break in his collarbone (via YouTube). This event occurred during the earlier days of "Jackass," and you would think that it would deter Steve-O from engaging in these types of stunts in the future. But Steve-O doesn't seem to process pain like the rest of us, and he went forth with crazier stunts as his hectic and terrifying career progressed. 

Then there was the time Steve-O burned his face off

This is the type of injury that haunts many peoples' nightmares. Steve-O attempted to execute a "fire-breathing backflip," as one does (via YouTube). The trick was going to be simple by Steve-O standards. He had a buddy on board who was supposed to blow a fireball off Steve-O's head, right before Steve-O would perform a backflip from a standing position. But his friend misjudged the distance and blew the fireball straight into Steve-O's face. Instead of immediately freaking out about his head being on fire like the average person would, he decided he needed to follow through with his flip and finish the stunt. From the ground, he launched himself into the air and into a backflip. He came up short, presumably because his head was on fire, and landed on his knees with his head covered in flames. 

We get to see flames skitter across the ground while Steve-O wrestled his shirt over his fiery head in an attempt to squelch the flames. After he succeeded in putting the fire out, he ran his hand along the right side of his face and came up with a palm full of skin. When his friends asked if he was okay, he calmly responded, "No, not even." He went to the hospital after this injury where the doctors scraped the burned skin from his face. He was left with raw blisters covering half of his face and instructions to avoid the sun (via YouTube). It doesn't sound like he took it easy after this incident, yet his skin hardly shows any signs of damage. 

Steve-O broke his leg jumping over a Porta-Potty

There is an entire YouTube video dedicated to watching Steve-O successfully and semi-successfully jumping off different things with a skateboard, under the watchful eye of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk (who declines to attempt the stunt himself, smart man). But as usual, the last attempt of the day is the one that resulted in injury. For this trick, Steve-O begins by standing on top of a Porta-Potty with his skateboard. A friend drives a car straight into the Porta-Potty, forcing Steve-O to leap from the top and, in theory, land squarely on his skateboard. He had three attempts to stick his landing, and he regrettably never succeeded. 

Instead, we watch in slo-mo as Steve-O jumps from the top of Porta-Potty and lands straight on the ground. His ankle buckled beneath him and he immediately brought his hands up to shield his face as he cried out in pain (via YouTube). He sought medical attention for this injury and ended up with more hardware in his ankle than the Tin Man has in his. After a "quick" and narcotic-free recovery from this major injury and subsequent surgery, he was left with a scar on his outer ankle and got back up to his usual tricks. 

He fell off of a second floor balcony and landed on his face

Steve-O explains that in his early days, he loved to launch himself off of balconies, naturally. As he recounts it, a young and homeless Steve-O was drunk at a second-floor party in the 1990s and talking to a girl who he wanted to impress (via YouTube). He chose to accomplish this by flinging himself off of the balcony. He explains that he had developed a technique to safety execute this party trick, only he did not employ his skills on this fateful night. Instead, he drunkenly flung himself over the railing of the balcony and landed squarely on his face. After he landed, he stayed face-down and watched as blood pooled around his head. He states that bystanders assumed he was dead. 

As a result of this drunken event, Steve-O sustained a fractured wrist, a fractured skull, seven broken teeth, and ten stitches in his chin (via YouTube). Still, these massive and painful injuries didn't deter him from launching himself off of rooftops, mountains, and balconies thereafter. 

Steve-O ended up in the hospital after being dragged behind a boat

Steve-O's first proper surgery was performed on his lower right leg after a tubing accident (via YouTube). That's right, tubing — Steve O was being towed on a tube behind a boat, but probably a lot more aggressively than the little kids we see doing this on Lake Tahoe every summer. As he was being towed along at what we can only assume were incredibly high speeds, his leg hit something in the water, though he doesn't seem to know exactly what. Regardless, the injury was bad, and it was very wise of Steve-O to seek out medical care for this one. As he recalls the injury, we get to see still shots of his bilateral stitches, all of which look excruciatingly painful. 

Though the wound was significant at the time, after carefully looking at the rainbow-hued tattoo on Steve-O's lower leg, we are reminded that his ability to heal parallels that of Wolverine. That is to say, we don't even see a scar! 

He broke his back after being pushed down a flight of stairs in a bell cart

As mentioned, Steve-O has a major thing for being pushed off of things while riding inside of other things. During one stunt, 50 Cent pushed Steve-O down a flight of stairs in a bell cart (via YouTube). You know, the ones that bellmen use to transport your luggage to your room at a hotel. For "Jackass 2," Steve-O and his director decided to re-execute it clad in knee-high socks, a bellboy hat, and his signature strappy thong. Only this time, the bell cart tipped over after hitting the first step, thrusting Steve-O onto the staircase. He landed on top of the bell cart, and he turned to face the camera with a campy smile that doesn't do much to disguise the pain he was feeling. 

He emerged from the bell cart with a fractured vertebra, which is also known as a broken freaking back! He credits his spinal fracture as the reason he had so little screen time in "Jackass 2." He was laid up for months recovering from this gnarly injury. 

Steve-O wore a "jellyfish sombrero" and got stung repeatedly

The Peruvian jellyfish, also known as the chiropsalmus quadrigatus, is one of the most venomous jellyfish on planet earth (via Aqua News). The sting from the Peruvian jellyfish can and does cause cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, pulmonary edema, and death – death! We are unsure as to whether or not Steve-O knew about these consequences when he chose to rip one from the beach and place it on his head while explaining that it's his "jellyfish sombrero" (via YouTube).

He jumps around in pain as the jellyfish presumably stings him repeatedly. Then he drops the jellyfish down into the water, takes a breather, and then does it again! He finally stumbles out of the water with his bright red flesh on display. He splashes water on his shoulders then sprints up the beach. The craziest part is that Steve-O doesn't actually list this as one of his top ten injuries. In a way, this makes sense, as it appears to have only been short-term pain and not a more serious injury. But the grimace and pain-prancing make us think that it hurt a lot more than he even let on (via YouTube).

He pierced his cheek with a huge fish hook before swimming with sharks

If you have a weak stomach, like Steve-O famously does, you'll want to avoid the video of him piercing his own cheek with a hook as a means to prepare to swim with sharks (via YouTube). Steve-O attempts to shove the hook through by himself, but comes up short. His ever-loyal friend, Chris Pontius, jumps in to help finish the job. 

This is yet another painful moment that Steve-O failed to cite in his top ten, but we had to include it. Minus the numerous public videos of Steve-O vomiting, this is one of the cringiest we've seen. The camera is super close to his face and we can hear him moaning in pain while also trying to pierce his own cheek. This is followed up by an incredibly close shot of the hook surfacing through his flesh amid shouts from both Steve-O and Pontius. 

With the hook in his mouth and a line to Pontius' fishing rod, Steve-O jumps into the water and is immediately met by the face of a hammerhead shark. After a few moments, they are joined by a mako shark, which Steve-O ultimately kicks in the head. And then we get to see Steve-O remove the hook, which is almost as difficult to watch as him and Pontius shoving it in. All in all, this may not be Steve-O's worst injury, but it is one of the most painful for viewers to watch. 

Steve-O blew up his living room while he was inside of it

Steve-O cites one horrific injury as the biggest of his life (via YouTube). He was shooting a season finale for a comedy special, and one of the stunts was supposed to be Steve-O exploding his living room ... while he was in it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) he kept successfully pulling the stunt off without getting hurt, which it seems wasn't a dramatic enough conclusion — it's the grand finale after all. So, Steve set out to get "kinda hurt" and blow up his entire living room. He reclined and did some snow angels in a bed of rocket fuel. After he was sufficiently covered, his friends lit the rocket fuel on fire and Steve-O, well, he caught on fire too. 

He ended up having to have skin grafts on 15% of his body because of how severe the burns were. We even get a close-up look of his fresh, huge blisters just in case actually watching him catch on fire isn't enough. Luckily, Steve-O healed up in time to give the people what they want — more raunchy, disgusting stunts that culminate in injuries, laughter, and lots of unpleasant bodily fluids.