Why You Should Think Twice Before Using A Port-A-Potty

Sometimes the need to use the bathroom is so insistent, seeing a port-a-potty in the vicinity might elicit feelings of relief instead of dread. Hey, when you have to go, you have to go. Even if this sanctuary of a portable toilet is exactly what you need at the right time, take a moment to consider your other options first.

According to Patriot Portable Restrooms, the creation of the portable toilet happened in the shipyards of New Jersey during World War II. The shipyard workers were pressed to build new boats as quickly as possible to aid in the action happening overseas. Many valuable labor hours were lost due to workers having to travel long distances to get to the nearest restroom.

We can't argue that the port-a-potty wasn't a brilliant invention. Whether you're in a shipyard, at a fair, or attending a packed outdoor concert, their presence is pretty useful.

Using a port-a-potty can result in life-threatening infections

Cosmopolitan warns of the dangerous, life-threatening infections, that you can get from using a portable potty. The nasty contaminants that can't be detected with the naked eye include the cramp-inducing norovirus, the pain-in-the-butt bacterial infection Shigellosis, and the destructive airborne influenza virus.

We know it's not the most visual delight to look through the seat of the port-a-potty, but it may be worth taking a peek. The Star Tribune notes that as long as the waste in the toilet is submerged in the blue water that contains bacteria-killing chemicals, your risk of catching harmful bacteria or viruses is reduced.

If there is not a private space or tree to hide behind, we get the need to visit a port-a-potty, especially if number two is screaming at you to take action. If you must use a portable toilet, make sure the blue water line is above the waste line. In addition, Cosmopolitan suggests using a paper towel to touch the door and sink handles, keeping any bags you have off the floor, and using a sanitizer right after your visit.

Now that we've shared the facts and left you with some unappealing visuals, you can set out to do your business in peace. Whether it's behind a tree or in a port-a-potty, it's up to you.