This Is When You Should Start Using Anti-Aging Products

Is age just a number? Are you forever young at heart? We admire anyone who has a more relaxed attitude toward aging, but regardless, your skin isn't going to listen. According to MedlinePlus, aging skin has a whole slew of symptoms, including being thinner in appearance, loss of color, loss of elasticity, age spots, exposed sun damage, and wrinkles.

As our skin ages, we can opt for Botox and dunk ourselves in a vat of SPF before hitting the beach. However, it's worth changing up your skin care routine and switching over to a few anti-aging products as the years go on. Before we cause even deeper wrinkles from our furrowed brows, it's important to know when to make the switch to these products. Timing is everything when it comes to leveraging anti-aging skincare products. Here is what you need to know about the items you should be using, as well as when you should be applying them.

Anti-aging skincare use should start early

Believe it or not, Newsweek states that experts advise making the switch to anti-aging products in your twenties. This may be surprising, considering many of us feel like our lives are just getting started in our twenties. This is the decade when hangovers are typically just a day and not a week-long event. While this may be a decade of discovery, it is also the decade where our skin starts to age. "I recommend my patients to start incorporating anti-aging skincare products in their 20s and 30s, when our skin slowly starts to lose collagen," Y. Claire Chang, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, told the HuffPost.

If you are in your twenties, there are visible signs of aging to be aware of. Newsweek points out that If your skin is starting to feel drier, less plump, and you're sporting a few fine lines or sunspots, it's time to be proactive. Switch to anti-aging skincare products before the fine lines cross over into wrinkles. Your age may just be a number, but you can keep that number a secret if you look after your skin.