This Is What Happens When You Wear A Sports Bra Every Day

Sometimes, wearing a regular bra can be the pits. This may be a bit of a lazy admission, but we feel there are many ladies out there who would air pump with their fists in full agreement. The underwires can uncomfortably poke our rib cages. The straps fall down, and the risque level over coverage isn't always what we're after. This is when the sports bra becomes a handy accessory. 

According to USA Today, the genius invention of the sports bra was developed in 1977 when Lisa Lindahl found jogging too uncomfortable for her chest. She got the idea of sewing to jockstraps together to create the very first sports bra. More feminine and smartly engineered designs have since followed the original jockstrap sports bra, but we thank Lindahl every time we run a marathon (or enjoy a Netflix marathon).

Sports bras are often more supportive and comfortable than regular bras, which is why many of us tend to live in them — but is it okay if we toss out our "regular" bras and throw on a sports bra every day?

All day compression can lead to a rash or fungal infection

Unfortunately, we shouldn't be wearing sports bras for our 9-to-5, and then to the gym afterward. "Any tighter compressive garment that isn't taken off can lead to some irritation such as a rash, and even a fungal infection," John Paul Tutela, a board-certified plastic surgeon, told Real Simple. "Any bra that's too tight can lead to skin irritation, so I definitely recommend being sized correctly."

Since sports bras are designed to compress your breasts to keep them from uncomfortably moving while active, it's common to prefer a sports bra that fits more on the snug side. That being said, this isn't necessarily what's best. "It's never good to wear something that's too tight or constricting all day long," Jené Luciani Sena, bra expert and author of "The Bra Book," told Yahoo! Sports. Sena recommends switching out your sports bra for a looser bralette for lounging on the couch time.

We're not opposed to changing into a loose-fitting bralette post-workout. Sports bras may offer full coverage and a sense of comfort. However, the risk of a fungal infection or rash on our chests is a good enough reason to save them for the hours we are more active.