Is It Safe To Get A Tattoo During Pregnancy?

If you're pregnant, you've likely noticed that your list of what to avoid has grown. Friday night sushi takeout is a thing of the past, and margarita Mondays feels like a distant memory. Then, you have those grey areas where you suddenly feel unsure. How much coffee is too much? Can you keep going to your favorite strength training class at the gym? Pregnancy is a joyous time for some, but for many women, the sudden restrictions placed on their lives can feel constricting at times.

One question that doesn't often come up at your prenatal checkups is whether you can get a tattoo while pregnant. If you have an appointment to get inked, Byrdie states that you should let your medical care provider know so you can come up with the safest plan of action together. If your doctor gives you the thumbs up, and you have found an artist willing to give you a tattoo while you have a baby on board, make sure you are getting inked in the most sanitary of conditions.

Make your health and your baby's health top priorities

Before you decide to go through with your tattoo appointment, consider the risks. According to the American Pregnancy Association, one of the biggest issues with getting tattooed while pregnant is that it increases your risk of infections, such as hepatitis B and HIV. There also isn't enough information about the potential effects the ink can have on your unborn baby.

You're likely already having to pee every hour and experiencing the aches and pains of stretching ligaments. For this reason, you may want to think about the extra discomfort you'll be enduring. "Getting tattooed compromises the immune system by creating an open wound, inflicting pain, and — depending on the session itself — [forcing you to] sit in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time," tattoo artist Michaelle Fiore told Byrdie.

Despite the long list of limitations pregnant women face, they are still able to make a choice. We just hope you make your health, as well as your baby's health, top priorities.