Surprising Uses For Salt

Where is the salt in your home? It might be next to the stove, or on your kitchen table. Salt is synonymous with food preparation and it has been for centuries. "We like the taste of salt innately because salt is a signal of protein in nature," says Rachel Herz, an adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, to NPR. Liking the taste of salt is a bonus. Because our bodies actually need it. We're not suggesting you finish the whole bag of your favorite brand of salty potato chips. But a healthy dose of salt is necessary to help regulate the fluid balance in our bodies as well as contribute to proper muscle and nerve function, notes NPR.

Salt is a common ingredient in many of the cuisines of the world. And as much as we love to throw the tiny white crystals in our marinades and on top of our dinners, the truth is you're probably not taking advantage of all this incredibly popular seasoning can do.

Salt can act as a cleaning product or as a medicine

According to Today, salt can come to the rescue during those times when you accidentally drop an egg on the kitchen counter or floor. Anyone who has had to clean up that runny mess knows it can turn into quite the job. But if you throw salt on the egg and wait 20 minutes, cleaning up becomes a breeze. Salt can also be the needed ingredient when cleaning a glass coffee pot. Or those annoying coffee or tea stains that never seem to disappear in china cups.

You may also want to consider keeping a box of salt in your medicine cabinet. WebMD shares that the essential food element that can be used to treat canker sores, and to soothe bug bites. Bathing in a warm salt bath can also help if you're dealing with ingrown toenails or feeling the uncomfortable itch psoriasis and eczema makes on your skin.

The salt in your home is likely most often used in food preparation. And all over your guilty pleasure snacks. But don't forget about its multifaceted uses when you suddenly come across a difficult cleaning project, or when looking for a home remedy to look after your health.