What It Means When You Go To The Bathroom At The Same Time Every Day

A daily trip to the bathroom can operate like clockwork — in other words, right on schedule. The types of foods and liquids we ingest, as well as how much of them we ingest, can influence how often we find ourselves running to the toilet (via MyMed). For this reason, you might think that bathroom breaks should be irregular, depending on how much water you drink from one day to the next, for instance. You may be surprised to learn that routine trips to the bathroom at the same exact time every day are not unusual. In fact, experts say there is even an optimal time of day to be relieving yourself.

Pending other outside factors, generally speaking, the average person urinates between 4-10 times in a day, according to MyMed. When it comes to going #2, according to the University of Massachusetts, most healthy people may experience a bowel movement as little as once every 3 days, to as often as 3 times daily. What is it that's prompting some of us to go every day on the dot?

Our colon operates at peak performance during this time of day

While our digestive system is always at work, our colon activity slows while we're asleep (via Arq Gastroenterol). While we may not feel the urge to poop while snoozing, come morning, our digestive tract is up and at 'em right along with us (via Glamour). For some, the urge often comes shortly after breakfast. While ingesting food, our body responds by ridding itself of waste in order to make more space for the incoming meal. This explains why some people experience a daily bowel movement after eating breakfast or in the afternoon after lunch.

Not that we have much control over it, but when it comes to the time of day, experts say that morning bowel movements are optimal. This is when our bodies are most primed and ready for the job. "In the morning, when we first wake up, an internal alarm clock goes off in our colon, and the colon starts contracting more vigorously," gastroenterologist Dr. Sarina Pasricha told Fatherly. "In fact, the colon contracts and squeezes three times as hard in the first hour we are awake compared to when we are sleeping."

All in all, going to the bathroom at the same time every day is a sign of good health. Be sure to check with your doctor if you experience any abnormalities in your standard bowel movements, such as sudden increased frequency or changes in stool consistency.