When You Take A Shower Before Bed, This Is What Happens

For some, a hot shower first thing in the morning serves as a much-needed jolt to get the day started off right. For others, a steamy shower before bed is the perfect means to lull our muscles into a sense of rest and relaxation. So which is better? In 2016, mattress design company ecosa issued a survey in Australia that revealed 42.3% of respondents shower in the morning, while 29.2% opt for a nighttime shower, with the remaining 28.5% reporting a combination of the two. While morning showerers clearly win out, what does this mean for evening bathers?

Whether taken hot or cold, showers benefit us in more ways than simply scrubbing away the grime of the day. According to shower products company Mira Showers, a hot shower can provide relief from congestion, benefit skin health, loosen stiff muscles, and boost circulation. Cold showers, on the other hand, can rehydrate hair, as well as boost attention and immunity.

This is particularly important because when it comes to nighttime showers and their effect on the body, temperature matters.

Nighttime showers may give us a better night's sleep

As it turns out, taking a shower before bed may actually help keep us cleaner. According to the Sleep Foundation, nighttime showers reduce the likelihood for germ buildup on our sheets, pillows, and blankets. Since we've already washed away the sweat and dirt from our bodies, the fewer germs we'll be taking to bed with us.

Additionally, a hot shower in the evening can help regulate our body temperature, which naturally cools as we prepare for sleep, according to the Sleep Foundation. When showering before bed, we prompt circulation in certain areas of the body and accelerate the release of body heat, both of which scientists believe is linked to a better quality of sleep. In fact, a 2019 scientific review revealed that showering for just 10 minutes an hour or two before bed at a temperature between 104-108.5 degrees Fahrenheit resulted in better quality of sleep.

While one of the key elements of the study was temperature, the other was timing. According to Men's Health, you'll want to aim to take a hot shower 90 minutes before bedtime, as doing so will give you the best chance at a thorough night's rest. While the heat may make you feel energized at first, once that hour and a half passes, your body will have cooled and relaxation is ready to set in.