The Best Way To Treat An Inflamed Eyelid

When you experience an eyelid inflammation, it can look worse than it is, or sometimes, it does feel as bad as it looks. It is painful and can be hot or itchy or a terrible combination of all three. Moreover, it can occur in either one or both eyes (via Vision Center). Any sort of treatment seems like a better alternative to what you're feeling, and a quick internet search would turn up a range of home remedies, some more effective than others.

An eyelid may swell for any number of reasons, according to Vision Center. It may be scratched or in some other way traumatized or it could be infected. Any disease that increases fluid retention can also cause swollen eyelids, but eye disease is an especially likely culprit. Each option is best treated in different ways, some of which only require at-home remedies, while others require medical intervention.

Treatment depends on the cause

The Vision Center suggests seeking immediate medical attention for any eyelid swelling that lasts more than 48 hours because most simple causes clear themselves up by then. Some causes, such as seasonal allergies or reactions to insect bites, can be treated with saline solution or anti-allergy drops. Trauma to the eye (i.e., burns, cuts) is also a cause for swelling, usually causing severe discomfort or pain, requiring immediate medical care. Other signs that indicate it's time to see urgent care for the eye include a stiff neck, bulging eyes, or a severe fever (via Vision Center).

Other causes of a swollen eye are more common, such as conjunctivitis (i.e., pink eye) and styes. They can be remedied at home with warm compresses and either antibiotic or steroid eye drops or ointments, according to Vision Center. The Mayo Clinic says that clogged oil glands, blepharitis, may also lead to inflammation. Similar to treatment for a stye, warm compresses may loosen or remove built-up oil and help reduce swelling, but if at-home care doesn't work, your doctor may prescribe medication to control inflammation and fight infections.