The Truth About What's Really In Jello

Jello is a popular dessert that many of us grew up eating as children and may still enjoy as adults. This wiggly treat can be flavored in many different ways and shaped in virtually any mold. But what exactly is jello made from? Contrary to the popular myth that it's made with powdered horse hoofs, jello's ingredient list isn't too complicated (via HuffPost). In reality, jello is primarily made from gelatin. Gelatin is made of collagen, which is a protein naturally produced by mammals. It is mainly found in connective tissue, which is why gelatin has a sticky, gelatinous consistency. There is actually no way to make gelatin from horse hoofs, so there's no need to worry about that while you enjoy your dessert.

The other main ingredient in jello is sugar. Jello products are often sold in different flavors and colors, making them perfect for a yummy treat. You can also buy sugar-free jello products, which are made with artificial sweeteners that contain no calories. Jello is often sold in a powder that needs to be dissolved in boiling water before it solidifies into an edible dessert.

Is Jello good for you?

Because it comes in sugar-free varieties and is relatively low in calories, jello is often recommended as a dessert of choice when you're on a diet. However, this doesn't mean it's healthy. According to Healthline, this treat is high in sugar and low in protein or fiber. Although it is low in calories, it is also low in nutrients and won't provide much of anything that is beneficial to your body. Furthermore, jello is often eaten in desserts that contain other unhealthy foods like whipped cream and marshmallows.

Many jello products contain artificial colorings that may be harmful to your health. Most artificial colors are made with ingredients that are derived from petroleum, which is a chemical used to make gasoline. Some food dyes contain carcinogens known to promote cancer. These are considered safe when consumed in small amounts, so you shouldn't worry too much if you like to enjoy jello as an occasional treat. You may just not want to eat it every day.