This Is What Happens When You Wash Your Face Too Much

Just as it is important to wash your body and hands, it is essential to wash your face. Keeping our faces fresh and clean can help rid our skin of its natural oils that, once built up, can lead to the emergence of pimples and acne (via Allure).

Most people fall into having one of five different skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, combination, and normal  (via Today). Often due to having large pores and overly active oil glands, people with oily skin may find that they break out in response to most skin products. Others who have dry skin may notice their skin having a rather dull texture that unevenly reflects light. Sensitive skin is particularly prone to inflammation, burning, itching, rosacea, or acne. Those with combination skin may notice that their face appears oily in some areas but not overall. Lastly, some people have what's considered "normal" skin. However, dermatologists explain that this skin type is not a judgment as to whether or not your skin is healthy, but rather it describes skin that doesn't have any major reactions to any skin care products.

Interestingly, your skin type may change as you age, according to Today. Regardless of the skin type you have now, however, it is important to regularly wash your face. But what is considered "regularly" and is the answer the same for all skin types?

Don't wash your face more than twice per day

According to experts at Allure, we should all be washing our faces once a day, if not twice. While some dermatologists feel that once a day is sufficient, some argue that twice a day equips us to fight off contaminants that are specific to the time of day. An evening wash tackles the makeup, dirt, or pollutants our skin has come in contact with throughout the day, while a morning wash will rid our skin of the bacteria absorbed overnight from our sheets and pillows, as well as any remaining residue from skin care products worn overnight (via Cosmopolitan).

But is washing more than twice a day overdoing it? Founder of Dr. Loretta skin care Loretta Ciraldo tells Allure that washing more than twice a day is not advised, except in rare cases such as after a dip in the ocean or following an excessively sweaty workout. The determining factor as to whether or not you're overwashing will be your skin's texture. Aesthetician and founder of Monastery skin care Athena Hewett explains how a "tight and dry feeling" on the skin is an indication of overwashing.

Additionally, overwashing can cause problems if you're using a particularly strong cleanser. Therefore, you'll want to stick to a face washing frequency that is right for you, as well as find a cleanser that is gentle and hydrating.