The Dangerous Jump Rope Mistake You Could Be Making

You probably have fond memories of using a jump rope at recess while you were in elementary school. This kid's toy is actually a useful fitness accessory for anyone looking for an intense cardio workout. However, it can be more dangerous than you think to swing a plastic rope around. If you use a jump rope that is too long for your body, you can accidentally hit yourself or trip over it (via The Healthy). "Jump rope injuries include lacerations or whips to the skin from the rope or, even worse, black eyes and broken noses from the plastic handles," said Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, founder of Elements Fitness.

You can avoid most of these issues by selecting the correct size when you choose a jump rope to work out with. According to Livestrong, the ideal jump rope for you will depend on your height. It's actually quite easy to find the best rope. Stand on the middle of the jump rope in question and pull both ends up toward your armpits. The tips of the hands should just reach your armpits. A rope too short will cause you to trip and a rope too long may cause injuries.

Why you should buy a jump rope

Once you've figured out the ideal size for your jump rope, this accessory is an excellent way to shake up your cardio routine. According to Self, jumping rope works your entire body. "It's really head-to-toe engagement the entire time," said Maggie Mosbarger, certified personal trainer and instructor at Punk Rope and Beastanetics in New York City. While your legs are the main body part used in this exercise, you will also use your arms, shoulders, biceps, and core.

Because jumping rope engages so many muscles at once, it can get your heart rate up very quickly. It's a vigorous-intensity exercise that will help you work up a sweat in no time. Jumping rope also improves your coordination because it takes a lot of focus for your hands, feet, and eyes to work together during this exercise. You'll feel motivated to continue practicing as you see your coordination improve over time. The next time you find yourself bored of the treadmill, grab a jump rope and have some fun while you burn calories.