Is Zipfizz Good For You?

Remember the days when a nap and a cup of coffee was the remedy for a lack of energy? Now there are now a plethora of products on the market we are encouraged to purchase to cure our energy lulls we may experience throughout the day. The abundance of choice isn't a bad thing. We all want to feel energized, but it can take a while to sift through the healthy and unhealthy options. Take Zipfizz, for example.

According to the Zipfizz company website, the energy supplement is sold in powder form and as premade liquid shot. The product proclaims to be "healthy energy in a tube." There is no sugar and each serving is low in calories. It is packed with essential vitamins, and the energy is derived from natural sources. All information provided suggests their product as a healthy choice. But just like there are two sides to every story, there are often two sides to every product sold in the energy drink aisle.

Zipfizz may cause side effects

According to LIVESTRONG, a Zipfizz liquid energy shot contains citric acid. It's often a popular ingredient added to give a beverage a more citrusy taste. However, the acid is not a great choice for your dental health as it has been known to cause permanent damage to our tooth enamel and promote erosion. In addition to harming our teeth, the high doses of vitamins in Zipfizz drinks may also cause dizziness and vomiting. So be aware of how many servings of fizz you have throughout a day's or a week's time.

According to DietSpotlight, consumers of the powder supplement reported a boost of energy for four to six hours approximately 20 minutes after consumption. The product manufacturers don't list any health warnings. However, some consumers reported headaches, nausea, and trouble sleeping after knocking back the energy-inducing drink (via DietSpotlight).

If you are on the hunt for an afternoon kick or an extra burst of energy before your workout or hit the books for a long study session, Zipfizz energy may be the right choice for you. But be aware of the possible side effects. And do your best not to overindulge. If you have the time, a quick cat nap is another way to revive your energy levels as well.