Does Tight Clothing Really Cause Heartburn?

Articles of clothing like leather leggings, bandage dresses, and your favorite pair of jeans that you've outgrown could be wreaking havoc on your health. Sure, we like to get dolled up, amped up, and put in the extra effort. Whatever you want to call it, throwing on skin-tight clothing has become the norm in our society.

It may be flattering, but think twice before your throw on a pair of Spanx. Wearing clothing that is too tight can lead to a nerve condition called meralgia paresthetica. Ben Tanner, a physician's assistant from FastingWell, shared what he noticed in the patients he treated with this nerve condition. "Basically, they have numbness and tingling on the outside of their thigh, as a result of compression on one of their nerves," Tanner told  Sozy. "This often results from people who wear construction belts, but also from anyone who wears tight pants, especially with a tight waist."

Tight clothing is a normal fashion choice, but a poor health choice.

In addition to an alarming nerve condition, Avant Gynecology claims that wearing clingy clothing can lead to both skin irritation and circulation issues.

As previously stated, tight clothing may be a normal fashion choice, but it's a poor health choice. Your shapewear and hip huggers could be doing a number on your skin, circulation, and nerves. It can also be the reason for your heartburn. According to OnHealth, tight-fitting clothing could be causing the painful symptoms of heartburn by pushing the acid and food in your stomach up to your esophagus. Whether you have a fancy dinner date, professional work dinner, or you're stretched out on your couch with leftovers, consider wearing loose-fitting clothing. It can keep your digestion on track while preventing symptoms of heartburn.

Getting dolled up, amped up, and putting in the extra effort is fun to do every now and then, especially for the sake of fashion. That being said, you may want to generally keep the notches on your belt loose to avoid a barrage of health issues, including evening-wrecking heartburn.