Do Glasses Cause Dark Circles?

The formation of dark circles under the eyes can be attributed to more than just a rough night's sleep. The emergence of under-eye circles can be influenced by tobacco use, a high-sodium diet, as well as family medical history, just to name a few (via Cigna). Of all the things that may cause dark circles to develop, is wearing glasses one of them? If so, are there alternative solutions other than the ongoing rigorous application of under-eye concealer?

According to My Glasses and Me, those who may be particularly prone to dark circles under the eyes are older individuals, as skin progressively starts to thin as part of the natural aging process. Those with naturally thin skin may also be more susceptible. More often than not, dark circles are a result of dilated blood vessels, the dark coloring of which can be seen more prominently when fatigued or due to a lack of blood circulation.

So if someone is already susceptible to dark under-eye circles, is it possible that glasses could be making them worse?

How to reduce dark under-eye circles

According to beauty expert Mary Overton, glasses can play a role in enhancing dark circles if not properly fitted, stating, "Wearing glasses which press too tightly around this delicate area can slow lymph circulation causing the appearance of dark circles," (via My Glasses and Me).

In addition, experts at Beauty Health Tips encourage wearers to avoid heavier frames, which can cause headaches and fatigue and lead to dark circles. Wearers will also want to check the nose pad on their glasses as this can be key in preventing dark marks. Be sure that the flexible plastic that makes up the nose pad does not sit too tightly or too loosely on the bridge of your nose.

To minimize the look of under-eye circles, My Glasses and Me suggests periodically removing your glasses throughout the day to give your face a break, and gently rubbing the area under your eyes to boost blood flow when your eyes feel tired. In addition, the nightly use of a cooling eye mask can help decrease the size of blood vessels, which in turn, minimizes dark marks. Lastly, Beauty Health Tips suggests certain food items you may already have in your kitchen may be able to help. Chilled cucumber slices or pure almond oil left on the area for a while may help in reducing dark circles. Alternatively, a mixture of honey, oats, and milk, when repeatedly applied to the area, may also result in gradual improvement.