Is Light Roast Or Dark Roast Coffee Better For You?

What's your coffee order? Is it a cappuccino with extra foam, a soy latte, or cold brew? Maybe you're the kind of no-nonsense person who prefers their black. No matter your choice, most of us standing in the line waiting for a barista to take our order can agree on one thing: We love coffee! Disturbmenot shares that Americans are drinking over 400 million cups of their favorite brew daily.

As addicted as you may feel — or be — to your coffee throughout the day, many of us raise an unknowing eyebrow when faced with the option of picking a light roast or a dark roast. According to Healthline, coffee beans are actually the fruit seeds of the Coffea plant. It is only when it is harvested and heated that the chemical composition of the fruit seed becomes the aromatic bean we all have a near-intimate relationship with. A lightly roasted coffee bean versus a darkly roasted coffee bean is directly related to the temperature the Coffea seed is being roasted at and for how long.

No need to make a choice over the caffeine amount

Coffee beans are usually heated in rotating drums for a certain period of time, notes Healthline. Lightly roasted coffee usually is heated between 350 F and 400 F for a maximum of 10 minutes. A dark roast consists of roasting the seed above 400 F for up to 15 minutes. While both produce a great-tasting drink, a lighter roast packs a healthier punch. According to a study published in The Journal of Medicinal Food reported via Delish, lighter roasts contained more antioxidants that protect against cell damage and inflammation.

If you're basing your bleary-eyed choice on which roast has more caffeine, then you can choose either. Healthline states that while dark roast varieties may have a smidge less caffeine, the difference is so minor that it shouldn't be the deciding factor in your choice. Dark or light roast, drinking coffee – not coffee-based drinks – may help you live longer and lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's, colon cancer, and heart failure, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

Both dark and light roasts will give you the much-needed jolt you're after. But if you want an extra punch of antioxidants with your coffee order, then a light roast may be the best choice.