You Might Be Brushing Your Hair Totally Wrong

Remember the vintage rule of brushing your hair for 100 strokes before bedtime? In the world of hair and haircare, very few people are dedicated enough to do this, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing. According to Bustle, the magic number 100 was touted in previous decades to give hair a healthy shine, and to help it grow faster. When in fact, unnecessary over-brushing can do the exact opposite and lead to friction and breakage.

Myths and outdated rules aside, you could still be guilty of brushing your hair totally wrong. It's hard to believe as it feels like one of the most natural acts of hygiene we do on the daily. But if you're guilty of a few of these common mistakes, your poor tresses are likely paying the price.

Firstly, where do you place your brush to start? According to hairstylist Laura Polko, brushing your hair from the roots down is damaging to your hair (per Allure).

Start from the bottom and avoid the urge to attack your knots

"Be careful to brush from the ends, working your way up, as this avoids any unwanted knitting that leads to breakage," Polko explains via Allure

And when it comes to knots, we understand your frustration. Oftentimes it seems the best way to get through them is to attack them with full force. But if you want to avoid unnecessary strand breakage, take a deep, calming breath and get out of battle mode. Vincent De Marco, a Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist, recommends via Healthline to brush your hair in sections. Like Polko, he also recommends not starting at your roots. "Brushing your hair from top to bottom will inevitably cause breakage," he says, adding that you should start brushing mid-hair or even lower. "If your brush gets stuck, remove it and start again, gently."

A well-brushed mane is a necessity for many — on most days. So why not make the adjustments and brush it the right way to avoid any unnecessary breakage while you're at it.