The Best Way To Get Rid Of Razor Burn

Along with painful cuts and itchy bumps, razor burn can be one of the more unpleasant parts of our personal care routines. This type of skin irritation causes burning, stinging, itchiness, or red marks that appear after shaving, according to WebMD. Body parts most prone to razor burn are the armpits, legs, and face. Razor burn is technically a skin rash sometimes referred to as razor rash (via Gillette).

Razor burn is often the result of using dull blades or shaving without the use of protective hydrating products like shaving cream, according to Gillette. Without the lubrication of shaving cream to soften hairs, the added tugging and scraping of the razor can lead to irritation. Additionally, applying too much physical pressure on the razor can increase the risk of burns and cuts. A lighter touch is the best way to avoid razor burn.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to prevent razor burn and care for your skin if you get it.

Shaving preparation and aftercare

Proper preparation can reduce the likelihood of razor burn developing. According to KidsHealth, placing a warm washcloth on the area before shaving can help. During shaving, follow the direction of hair growth and don't forget to rinse the razor frequently to keep the blades clear of hair buildup. Additionally, leave areas alone that have already been shaved. Too many re-strokes of the same area can increase your chances of irritation. Once the shaving cream has been cleared, move on to the next patch.

If razor burn occurs, aftercare is key. You'll want to use hydrating products to heal the skin and ease discomfort. Experts at WebMD suggest using products containing shea butter, wheat germ, and vitamin E to combat peeling and redness. Green tea, chamomile, white tea, and licorice can soothe and heal the skin. But perhaps the most effective ingredient of all is aloe vera, which acts as an antiseptic that can calm inflammation.

If razor burn continues to worsen or is accompanied by blisters or pus, be sure to seek medical care.