Why You Should Avoid Scented Toilet Paper

Sure, nobody likes a stinky bathroom. In an effort to keep home bathrooms smelling fresh and clean, there are numerous products available, including air fresheners, sprays, and scented hand soaps. But your options don't end there. For those looking for a little something extra, there is also scented toilet paper. With no shortage of scents to choose from, companies such as Angel Soft offer scents ranging from fresh lavender, to ocean breeze, to holiday-themed evergreen options.

While the idea of scented toilet paper might seem like a good idea, those with sensitive skin may find it more irritating than pleasant — and the irritation can go well beyond just a fragrance headache. The chemicals used in creating scented toilet paper can include dyes, fragrances, and even bleach — ingredients that users can have an allergic reaction to (via Glamour). Additionally, scented toilet paper can also lead to various kinds of negative health effects.

Scented toilet paper can trigger infection and allergies

Upon contact with the skin, chemicals in fragrant toilet paper can upset the natural pH balance of the vagina and subsequently cause a yeast infection (via Glamour). Switching to a hypoallergenic type of toilet paper could solve your problem, especially if you're having repeat infections. Changing brands can also reduce the risk of vulvitis, an allergic reaction often caused by scented toilet paper that can lead to itching, burning, redness, and swelling.

Additionally, the use of bleached and processed toilet paper can also pose a problem, leading to the development of another health condition called vulvovaginitis, according to the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Those with the condition may experience discomfort and abnormal vaginal discharge. If you find yourself prone to yeast infections or skin irritation in response to your toilet paper, experts advise switching to toilet paper products that are unbleached and without fragrance.