What You Don't Know About GoodRx

GoodRx is a program that provides a wide range of healthcare resources to help Americans save money on health-related costs (via GoodRx). Best known for their prescription discount coupons, GoodRx caters to millions of Americans without limitations based on health insurance status.

The company advertises having saved users a total of $35 billion dollars thus far, stating that from 2011, they've provided over 18 million consumers access to prescription medications they otherwise would not have had the financial means to pay for. Through their easy-to-use website and mobile app technology, GoodRx has an average visitor count of 20 million people per month in pursuit of information and savings at their fingertips.

Not only is the company of service to its users, but it's also been recognized for its dedication to its employees, having been ranked among the "Best Places to Work" by numerous organizations including the Los Angeles Business Journal and Inc.

How GoodRx is helping people save money on prescriptions

A June 2021 survey conducted by West Health and Gallup revealed that 18 million people were unable to afford at least one household prescription medication within the last three months. Significant increases were seen from the previous survey conducted in March among those with an annual income below $24,000, with 19% of respondents reporting an inability to pay. Those under the age of 65 were found to be particularly vulnerable when compared to senior citizens who were found to be more likely to afford their prescriptions.

According to a 2020 survey conducted by GoodRx, more than 20% of respondents reported difficulties paying for basic necessities due to prescription medication costs. Additionally, nearly 40% of consumers altered their medication usage in order to save money by either rationing doses, delaying refills, switching brands, purchasing medications from outside the country, or stopping medication use entirely. GoodRx advertises that prescription savings can be as high as 80% for users, thus helping prevent adverse or dangerous side effects from abrupt medication changes. 

Further making prescriptions more accessible is the fact that their discount coupons are accepted at major pharmacy chains including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Boots Alliance (via The Motley Fool). Reportedly, over 325,000 U.S. healthcare providers refer their patients to GoodRx.

GoodRx provides same-day doctor's appointments

Now that we've covered the basics, let's dive into what may be some lesser-known facts about GoodRx. For example, not only does the company offer discounts on prescriptions, but they also offer savings on doctor's visits (via GoodRx).

With the widespread popularity of telehealth appointments, GoodRx provides online doctor's appointments to patients nationwide. In a 2017 survey conducted by Merritt Hawkins examining physician appointment scheduling trends, it was found that depending on the size of the market, average wait times for a doctor's appointment for new patients were around 24 to 32 days.

Conversely, GoodRx states it is able to offer users same-day online doctor's appointments at prices starting as low as $19 for membership users and $49 for nonmembers. Such cost reductions may make healthcare services more affordable to those without health insurance, as demonstrated by The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, which calculated that the average cost of a yearly physical exam comes out to about $199 in the U.S. for those without health insurance (via Heritage Urgent & Primary Care).

You can save money on your pets

Not only does GoodRx provide services that benefit people, they also provide benefits for our furry friends, too! By allowing users to compare pet medication prices between pharmacies and major medication retailers, it allows pet owners to pick from the best low-cost options while still meeting their pet's medical needs (via GoodRx).

This is great news for the 70% of U.S. households who report owning a pet (via 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey). While no doubt a member of the family, pets can be expensive, particularly if they struggle with a health condition. For reference, consider the projected lifetime costs of owning a dog between vet appointments, food, grooming, etc. As reported by Money, depending on the size of the dog and varying life expectancy, costs can range between $14,000 and $15,000 — and that's without factoring in the added cost of medications (via American Kennel Club).

Thankfully, according to GoodRx, they offer savings options on various pet medications related to heartworm, fleas and ticks, anxiety, pain, seizures, and diabetes.

Family membership programs offer additional savings

With no need to set up an account, GoodRx is free to use. However, for those seeking additional benefits, GoodRx does offer a membership program known as GoodRx Gold. For a monthly fee, additional benefits can include eligible prescriptions priced at $10 or less, $19 online doctor's appointments, possible free home delivery, and savings that could reach up to 90%.

GoodRx Gold user Derek C. states via the GoodRx website: "We've been able to save money continually for the last three years, far more money than I ever would have expected."

The program offers two package options: the individual plan or the family plan. The company suggests that those who may benefit most from the GoodRx Gold program are those who take at least two prescriptions a month. For families with multiple prescriptions, the family plan membership package includes the individual as well as five family members — and remember, Fluffy counts as a member!

Stay up to date via their blog and social media

When it comes to health-related questions, GoodRx has a goldmine of information to offer on their blog titled GoodRx Health. With editorial contributors ranging from pharmacists to physicians to economists and more, GoodRx is dedicated to bringing readers the most objective and comprehensive information available.

Editorial topics include mental health, pet health, research, finances, and health condition guidance. Covering a wide range of reader interests, recent pieces featured on their blog explore low-cost birth control options, separation anxiety in pets, and which kinds of mushrooms are known to be toxic. All of their content is provided clearly and concisely, and although content should not be a substitution for medical advice, their pieces offer a solid foundational understanding for those looking for health and savings information.

Additionally, GoodRx posts daily content on their social media, making information merely a finger tap away for readers instead of forcing them to navigate to the company's website.