Are Scrunchies Actually Better For Your Hair?

Just like most trends, some signature hair accessories have experienced an epic rise and fall in popularity over the decades, while others withstood the test of time — it appears that scrunchies fall into the latter category. "It's '90s nostalgia reimagined by a new generation," explains NPR retail and tech business correspondent Alina Selyukh (via NPR). With scrunchies back in style, it begs the question, why are so many people tossing out their traditional elastic hair ties and opting for these decorative fabric hairpieces instead?

According to Andrea Nucete-Elliott, creator of TIY customized hair tie products, using a traditional elastic hair tie can damage hair all the way from root to tip (via TIY). As she explains on the TIY blog, traditional hair ties can wreak havoc on our hair follicles. The tighter the ponytail, the more severe the damage. The continuous pressure of the elastic can cause hair strands to fray and can lead to hair loss. If you're looking for a more hair-friendly alternative to elastic bands, the scrunchie may be just the solution you've been looking for.

Say goodbye to headaches and hair damage

According to Chelsea King, creator of the handmade, high-quality hair accessory company Chelsea King Inc., hair scrunchies don't just do less damage to your hair — they actually boost the health of your hair. "Your hair gets damaged mostly during the detangling process when you take out traditional hair ties," said celebrity hairstylist Cash Lawless (via Chelsea King Inc.). Thankfully, a high-quality scrunchie will prevent breakage and tangles, as the fabric serves as a protective barrier between your hair and the elastic.

Scrunchies can further benefit our health beyond our hair. According to Chelsea King Inc., a well-made scrunchie can reduce the likelihood of headaches. While traditional elastics can prompt a headache, high-quality scrunchies that use wider, braided, natural fiber elastic can still hold your hair firmly in place without the added headache.

"Those of us with curlier, coarser, kinkier hair have to think about the textures and materials that interact with our hair 'cause it's more prone to breaking," NPR product manager Khalon Richard said in an interview (via NPR).

Thank goodness for the comeback of the hair scrunchie. Swapping out your elastic bands for this fun fabric accessory will not only keep hair happy and healthy, but stylish, too!