What Science Says About Babies Born In March

The month of March brings about a sense of renewal. As winter thaws and the sun begins to coax flower buds and forest critters out of hiding, babies born in March seem to mirror the joyful energy that comes with the start of springtime. If you were born in the third month of the year, science says you are likely to possess some unique health benefits and behavioral characteristics specific to those who celebrate a March birthday.

There's a good chance the night owls among us were born in March. One 2009 study by Sleep Research Society suggests that people born in spring and summer tend to stay up later than those born during the winter months. Not only that, but March-born babies have been found to be less susceptible to respiratory and neurological health conditions, as reported in a 2015 study of disease risk as it pertains to birth month.

Personality traits of March babies

If you are a March baby, count yourself among those with a sunnier disposition and other positive personality traits. A 2011 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders determined that people born in the springtime — specifically the months of March, April, and May — are likely to possess positivity, optimism, and happiness more so than those born in any other season (via USA Today).

Additionally, a 2016 study published in Frontiers in Public Health examined how birth season influences emotional regulation skills in babies 18 months of age. Researchers assessed both aggression and "effortful control" in infants — defining effortful control as "the ability to voluntarily choose a course of action under conditions of conflict and to plan for the future and detect errors." It was discovered that babies born in the months of March, April, or May were measured to have lower levels of aggression and higher rates of effortful control.

Not only that, it appears March babies are destined for leadership roles. A 2012 study examining the relationship between birth month and career success determined that the highest number of CEOs were found to have been born in March (per TIME). So if you were born in March, you just might have the right push setting you up to be boss.