In-Person Versus Online Fitness Classes: Which One Should You Choose?

In 2020, Forbes reported on a study that looked at the way people were exercising when traditional gyms and in-person groups were not an option. Researchers found that many people seemed to enjoy the new focus on exercising at home. It turns out that some people enjoyed the ability to squeeze in a workout without adding a commute to their time commitment. Others preferred working out at home because they could skip the feeling of judgment they felt in larger groups.

But people continue to evolve in the way they approach exercise. Online classes are still widely available but so too are in-person classes. It's usually a good thing to have more options, but the truth is, this wide array can leave some people frozen when deciding whether to work out at home or shift to a public fitness option. The trick is finding out which option best fits each person's needs.

It's about finding your own balance

What was true in 2020 is still true now. Working out at home allows people to exercise when they otherwise might not have the time. For example, busy parents can fit one in while kids are napping or after they go to bed. But as CNN points out, there are definite drawbacks to exercising at home.

Some people might find that working out at home is not as motivational as exercising in a group. Working out at home also increases the risk of injury because no trainers or class teachers are keeping an eye on a person's form.

On the flip side of all that, working out at home not only frees up more time for fitness but also gives people a wider array of options. Online classes and workout videos allow people to sample different styles of exercise to find ones that they enjoy. And while some online classes cost money, they are still generally less expensive than in-person classes.

Finding the right option is something of a balancing act that depends on each person's specific needs and motivations. In the end, the most important thing is finding an enjoyable way to move your body and keep it moving.