This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Wear Leggings Every Day

Whether you work remotely, exercise religiously, or are simply a connoisseur of comfort, there's a good chance leggings are a staple in your wardrobe. While wearing leggings every day isn't going to necessarily cause a medical emergency, you should keep a few important things in mind.

For the most part, leggings are perfectly fine to wear daily as long as they are clean and dry. Problems come into play if you don't change out of your sweaty leggings after hitting the gym. "Sweat that sits on the body for extended periods leads to the overgrowth of bacteria that can exacerbate acne," dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi told Panaprium. Pimples on your derriere are no fun but can be avoided by showering after exercise or at least changing into dry clothes if you aren't able to wash up right away (via Verywell Health).

Leggings fit snugly against your body, which means frequent laundering is vital. Dermatologist Joshua Zeichne told Panaprium, "I look at tight-fitting leggings the same way that I look at underwear. They really should be changed and washed daily."

Potential issues with wearing leggings

Even if you're diligent about changing out of sweaty leggings and washing them regularly, wearing them every day could exacerbate skin issues. According to The Healthy, tight leggings may aggravate already dry skin by rubbing against it, causing irritation. You can avoid this by keeping your skin hydrated. Be sure to drink enough water and moisturize after every shower.

While leggings come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of comfort, beware of ones that are too tight. There's a reason why people undo their belt buckle after a Thanksgiving meal — pants that constrict your belly can cause some unpleasant digestive issues. You may experience heartburn and acid reflux, especially if you overindulge, while wearing tight leggings (via Everyday Health). To avoid this, reflux specialist Dr. Jamie Kaufman told Everyday Health that you should stick to smaller portions at mealtimes if you want to keep rocking your leggings pain-free.