What To Do If You Can't Find Your Vaccine Card

At the start of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, there was a lot of public confusion regarding how to go about replacing misplaced or damaged vaccination cards. Since then, though, COVID-19 vaccination records have become more readily accessible through alternate means. Although important, those little white cards are not the only way by which you can prove your vaccination status. 

It is true that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the issuers of the cards, they make their way through the hands of many state officials and local providers before they're given to vaccine recipients (via The New York Times). Therefore, because they are not the direct provider of your vaccination card, the CDC cannot issue you a new card, nor do they maintain individual vaccination records (via CNN). By knowing where not to start, you can hopefully save yourself quite a few phone calls or emails.

Check your state's online platforms or digital apps

Many states have now made vaccination records available online through various digital platforms or apps. While it is not the same as being issued a new physical card, a digital record still provides proof of your vaccination status. According to CNN, states including The District of Columbia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Dakota, Washington, West Virginia, as well as Puerto Rico all utilize a service known as MyIR Mobile, which allows users to print out their immunization records.

Additionally, New York residents can access their vaccination records through My Vaccine Record, a portal found on the state's Department of Health website. Similarly, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, and a handful of other states offer digital immunization history access through their own online platforms (via CNN). Apart from websites, some states have also designed their own specific vaccination records apps. Louisiana residents, for example, may utilize the app LA Wallet to provide digital proof of vaccination which can be verified through the display of a QR code.

Reach out to your local pharmacy

For those who received their vaccines at chain pharmacies Walgreens or Walmart, the issuing of a new paper card may be more accessible (via CNN). Recipients can receive a new vaccine card by going in person to their Walgreens or Walmart location. Alternatively, CVS can provide vaccination records through their app, email, or through a printout copy. Rite Aid offers a digital printout option of your vaccination records when you log into your account, or users can access a digital vaccination card. Third-party services through IBM, Clear, Docket, and Common Pass can also provide access to digital vaccination records (via The New York Times).

Finally, vaccine recipients can try reaching out directly to their healthcare provider if vaccination was provided by a physician (via CNN). Additionally, because providers must submit patient vaccination data to the state, recipients can attempt to contact their local state department's immunization information system (IIS) through their state's Department of Health for a copy of their vaccination history (via CDC). It's important to note that some establishments or various countries may only accept certain forms of vaccination records.