What Happens To Your Legs If You Shave Them Every Day

Many people choose to shave their legs regularly. But have you ever thought about how it affects your skin to shave every day? While it's not unsafe to shave every day, you may find your skin irritated if it is sensitive or you don't have good shaving habits (via Seventeen). If you have sensitive skin, you may want to wait a day or two between shaves to avoid irritation. Even if your skin isn't particularly sensitive, you'll still want to use the right method and products when shaving to ensure that you get a smooth, comfortable shave each time.

When and how you shave will affect your experience. Dr. Mona Gohara, a board-certified dermatologist, recommends shaving in the shower with plenty of warm water. "The warm water [from the shower] softens the hair and opens the pores, making it optimal shave conditions," she told Seventeen. Ideally, you should be in the bath or shower for several minutes before you begin shaving. When you do begin to shave, use a sharp razor that is replaced regularly. A dull razor can scrape against your skin and cause irritation. You should also shave in the direction of your hair growth if you have thick or curly leg hair, and in the opposite direction if you have thin or straight leg hair.

Do I need to use shaving cream?

Any company that sells shaving cream will insist that it's essential for a good shave. It is true that many people find this product helpful. Shaving cream's main purpose is to protect your skin while you shave (via Well + Good). It does this by hydrating your skin and creating a smooth barrier between your skin and your razor. "Hydration softens the hair and skin, which helps reduce the amount of force it takes the razor to cut through the hair during a shave. Lubrication gives just the right amount of slipperiness between the blades and the skin," Elizabeth Compo, senior scientist at Venus, told Well + Good.

That all being said, any kind of lubrication will help you experience a smooth shave, whether it's shaving cream or a plain bar of soap. According to Healthline, some great alternatives to shaving cream are hair conditioner, cream-based body lotion, and aloe vera gel. You can also use soap and shampoo, but these products may dull your razor more quickly than the other alternatives.