This Is What Really Causes Constant Dry Mouth

If you've ever experienced a sticky, parched feeling in your mouth before, it's possible you had dry mouth. According to Healthline, dry mouth is also known as xerostomia, and typically isn't a serious medical condition by itself. Dry mouth can be a sign of another condition, but it has its own symptoms. In addition to feeling dry in the mouth, you may also have cracked lips, bad breath, and a dry throat. These symptoms of dry mouth can lead to other problems, including difficulty talking, swallowing, or chewing food.

Many people may not realize how important treating dry mouth can be. Untreated dry mouth can lead to declining oral hygiene. NHS Inform reports that an occasional dry mouth is to be expected, but frequent bouts could be a cause for concern. Experiencing dry mouth constantly can lead to tooth decay and other dental problems, like gum disease. It's also possible for your body to lack proper nutrition if you start to have trouble chewing and swallowing (via Healthline).

Causes of dry mouth

Saliva, the fluid in your mouth, is an important part of oral hygiene because it keeps your mouth clean and moist, and helps with the digestive process. Salivary glands produce saliva to aid in preventing tooth decay and bacteria, Mayo Clinic reports. Dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva in the mouth. The culprit varies person-to-person.

For many, medication is to blame for dry mouth. According to Cleveland Clinic, antihistamines, decongestants, and even blood pressure medications can cause dry mouth. People undergoing cancer treatments like radiation therapy or chemotherapy can also experience dry mouth. These types of treatments can alter how much saliva a person produces. Other causes of dry mouth include dehydration, tobacco use, or certain medical conditions, including Alzheimer's disease and Sjogren's syndrome.

To help prevent dry mouth at home, Web MD recommends sucking on sugar-free candy and breathing through your nose more than your mouth. If you notice your dry mouth symptoms constantly showing up, don't hesitate to reach out to your doctor so you can avoid any serious complications.