Wellness Is More Than Just Mental Or Physical, According To Expert Eszylfie Taylor – Exclusive

Yoga teacher, athlete, and finance guru Eszylfie Taylor believes that wellness begins in the mind. Although fitness and finance are not often married in the way they so seamlessly fit into Taylor's life, he thinks that they directly impact each other. And, when attended to with enough care, they can set the foundation for a life of success. When Taylor discusses the notion of success, he does so in such a way to motivate us all to define what success looks like for us as individuals, not by societal norms. 

The concepts are relatively simple — the execution is where the challenge exists. He believes in focusing on the three pillars: the mind, body, and money. By nurturing your mental health, the mind, you will be more adept and ready to embark upon a heftier fitness or financial journey.

Taylor told Health Digest, "In order to make money, think about this — if I'm opening my own business or I'm a high-level executive, I'm probably the first one there. I'm probably the last one to leave. I'm putting in hours. ... You have to be healthy. You have to have energy to do those things."

'Money puts a spotlight on who we are'

According to Eszylfie Taylor, the synergy created by these three pillars coming together can help propel you to the places you want to be, whether that is finding success as an aerobics instructor abroad or dominating Wall Street in a power suit. Taylor told Health Digest that to ignite these changes, we each have to look at wellness through a holistic lens. He said, "Diet isn't only what you eat. It's what you watch. It's what you listen to. It's who you surround yourself with. And so all of these things then translate into the money, but we need to master those things in that order: mind, body, and then the money will come." 

Taylor reminded us that money is not the be-all and end-all. Rather, he said, "Money is a tool." He continued, saying, "Money doesn't change who we are. Matter of fact, it puts a spotlight on who we are."

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