How The Supernatural Cast Supported Rachel Miner During Her MS Diagnosis – Exclusive

When actress Rachel Miner was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), she was working on the hit show "Supernatural." Miner played the demon Meg Masters on the series, and her career was flourishing. However, being faced with a life-changing diagnosis like MS impacted her time on the show, and how she has approached acting jobs moving forward.

In MS, a person's immune system attacks itself, causing damage to the protective coating of the nerves (via Mayo Clinic). The damage interrupts nerve signals sent to a person's brain, creating a myriad of symptoms such as mobility issues, bowel and bladder problems, nerve pain, tingling and itching, optic neuritis, numbness and weakness, and electric-shock sensations. Understandably, learning to live with any of these symptoms takes a lot of work, and Miner is keen to dispel any myths surrounding the condition.

Opening up about her time on "Supernatural," Miner told Health Digest, "I think we all kind of try to advocate and support one another, and it's just a unique experience, not only in this industry, but I think in the world, and it's something that I have wanted to see recreated." Here's how the "Supernatural" cast supported Miner during her diagnosis.

The Supernatural cast was 'very supportive'

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis answered a lot of questions Rachel Miner had about her body. "I had MS with very pronounced symptoms for years, but wasn't telling anyone," she told Health Digest. But even before her official diagnosis, the "Supernatural" cast and crew were nothing but wonderful. "They were very supportive through the years where I kind of said, 'I hurt my back,' or gave excuses, or basically kept it to myself," Miner said. "I'm aware there was so much effort to help, from both the cast and the crew, just to make my life easier in whatever way that they could, without drawing attention in any way." 

The unwavering support she received from the "Supernatural" family was everything. "There was just a lot of quiet support — which is, I think, often for me, the nicest thing, as an introvert, is not a lot of loud, showy bringing attention to something, and making you feel like you're needing help, but just supporting when and how they can," she explained. "Just keeping me as part of the conversation, and making me feel welcome in large and small ways, too." And their support only continued after she left the show.

Advocating for accessibility in the world

Even after leaving the show, Rachel Miner has remained an important part of the "Supernatural" family. Not only is she a fan favorite at conventions, but she's also the executive director of the charity Random Acts, a role created with her in mind by co-star Misha Collins.

Discussing the incredible support she receives from the "Supernatural" cast to this day, Miner told Health Digest, "Even at the conventions, one of my friends from the show, Kim Rhodes, was the one who advocated for them to start having a ramp." Miner continued, "I was coming on stage, and some of the guys were kind of carrying me onto the stage for a while, which was lovely of them. But I didn't even realize until I had the ramp how much it ... left me constantly feeling less than, because I was always having to be helped."

Miner is also keen to highlight the importance of accessibility and inclusion in every area of life. As she explained, "And there's also fears that people don't realize of things like the stress of 'What if I need to go to the bathroom,' or 'What if I need to get off stage?' To be completely dependent on others for your mobility is not a fun feeling, and there's a kind of underlying anxiety to it." 

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