Yoga Instructor Eszylfie Taylor On How Fitness Sets The Foundation For Everything In Your Life – Exclusive

Eszylfie Taylor, already an accomplished athlete and businessman, decided to also add instructing yoga classes to his powerful wellness arsenal because of how much it meant to him as a student. His journey into yoga took a lot of convincing from a friend but once he was in, he was hooked. While yoga is a physical practice, there is so much more to it than that. Taylor embodies many of the different elements of yoga, which is one of the reasons why he is able to offer profound guidance in all aspects of his life.

Outside of the physical shapes that your body creates during a yoga practice, the mental focus component is crucial for keeping you on your game. From yoga to finance, Taylor told Health Digest that the quality of your life is directly linked to your perspective and outlook. As he told us, "I don't believe in winning and losing, I believe in winning and learning. All of these things, even negative things. I'm like, 'What's the blessing from this? What can I learn from this?' ... And that is the way I choose to live." 

Well-rounded fitness is about much more than the body

In talking about perspective, Taylor said, "Does a rose bush have thorns or does a thorn bush have roses? It's perspective. You see, perspective is not the truth. It's simply what you see. So now I have a choice. I have the choice to say, 'Well, do I want to focus on this prickly ugly part of this plant, or do I want to focus on the beauty and the fragrance?' And it's ultimately a choice." 

He uses this philosophy to guide his yoga practice and overall fitness routine, as well as his myriad other business ventures. Taylor believes that fitness is about so much more than just the capabilities of your physical body. He views the body, the mind, and financial wellness as the three main pillars that support the forward momentum of a successful life. He explains that placing special emphasis on each pillar is a great way to further ignite your path to success, even if your idea of success looks different than someone else's.

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