Actress And Activist Gabriella Wright Details The Benefits Of Meditation – Exclusive

Gabriella Wright, an accomplished actress, activist, and co-founder of the Never Alone initiative, told Health Digest, "I love absolutely everything about meditation." This statement truly does summarize this peaceful powerhouse's thoughts on cultivating her secret garden, as she calls it. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Wright the depths of self that you can discover through meditation, plus, the self-regulation skill you can sharpen. Ultimately, taking the time to create a meditation practice of your own is an accessible way to engage in self-care that can truly transform your entire mental space. 

Wright said that we all have an awakened mind that we just do not know how to access. But within this awakened mind lies the keys to vanquish some of our day-to-day and innately human suffering. Meditation is a safe space that allows you to delve into who you are at your core. This style of self-communicating is a powerful way to access the parts of you that live in the shadows of your conditioned mind. 

Cultivating the secret garden of your mind

Wright outlines how this works by saying that we all have deeper levels of consciousness within us, but we often lack the ability to discover these spaces without regular mediation. Giving yourself the gift of meditation is one way to understand who you are on a deeper level because of how meditation jettisons the chaos of our "monkey minds," as they are called in Buddhism. 

Wright explained the power of meditation simply: "Meditation is like, literally, an image — a metaphor would be one of these billionaire space rockets that have been out to space recently. And that's your meditation." She continued, saying, "When you tune in, you are immediately ejected out into the infinite space of who you are. And maybe the first five, 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes can be hard. Or maybe the first one minute, if your practice is just three minutes. But the point is that once you get off the rocky departure, then you're cruising. And that cruising experience allows your body and your mind to go back to homeostasis."

Taking the time to delve into meditation sets the foundation for your life by allowing space to uncover who you truly are and what you value. Meditation sets the foundation for self-growth, self-love, and oh-so-much more. Wright said, "[Meditation is] your secret. You don't have to post on Instagram that you're meditating for another five minutes, you know what I mean? There are a lot of people who do that, which is great, but the point is it's your secret garden. So, use it, cultivate it, water it, do whatever you want."

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