The One Body Part You Might Be Missing In The Shower

Short showers, long showers, it doesn't matter, there is one part of the body that many people miss during their daily bathing ritual: the back. The reason for this is simple, according to Livestrong. The back is out of reach for many folks, and if you can't reach it, you can't scrub it down. The result? Some people may be going for years without a proper washing of their back.

According to Medical News Today, not properly washing the skin can lead to a condition called dermatitis neglecta. Because washing removes dead skin cells, dermatitis neglecta is caused by a buildup of these cells, which makes the skin look scaly and rough. If left untreated, dermatitis neglecta can lead to infectious conditions (via Medical News Today). Luckily, in most cases, this condition can be resolved simply by regularly washing this area of the body until all the dead cells that have built up are cleared away. To do this though, first you have to reach them. Better yet, you may want to make sure you are washing every part of your body so that dermatitis neglecta has no place to form in the first place. So let's wash that back.

Tips for washing the back and other hard to reach places

Because the arms are meant to fold forward, many people simply do not have the range of motion to bring a piece of soap and a washcloth to parts of their back. To solve that problem, a variety of backwashing brushes are on the market that help you extend your natural reach and provide you with a surface for cleaning your back.

Another option is utilizing exercises designed to extend your reach so that you can access the back and other formerly out-of-reach places. The Prehab Guys, a company that specializes in physical therapy techniques designed to bring mobility back to those that are injured or suffer from muscle problems, recommends a variety of simple stretches that can increase your ability to reach your back. These include doing sitting torso rotations that open up your spine's ability to turn to each side, to placing your hands in a prayer position behind your back. Reaching one hand across and over your shoulder and trying to meet and grasp it with the other hand from below and behind the back is another great exercise that trains you to reach that hard-to-reach spot you may be missing in the shower.