Signs You Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

While going to the dentist usually isn't anybody's idea of fun, once the arrival of wisdom teeth happens, many patients won't have an option but to see the dentist. Wisdom teeth appear anywhere from age 17-21, so they're the only pearly whites in your mouth to grow once you've lost all your baby teeth. According to WebMD, most (but not all) people grow 4 wisdom teeth: 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. Despite the name, wisdom teeth don't make you smarter. Instead, they're called wisdom teeth because you get them at a more mature age.

Wisdom teeth are molars, meaning they're flat and found in the back of the mouth. Out of all molars in the mouth, the wisdom teeth will likely create the most problems for you (via WebMD). According to Northlake Dentistry, wisdom teeth must be removed due to overcrowding of the teeth, which may leave you in discomfort or pain. Once wisdom teeth grow in, it's possible for teeth to become crowded with no space left to grow, so the only option is removal for some patients.

Wisdom teeth warning signs

For people who haven't had their wisdom teeth removed, there are warning signs it may be time to get the procedure done. Newbury Dental Group reports if you experience gum irritation, bad breath or taste, or extreme pain around the teeth, you need to give your dentist a call. An erupting tooth can cause pain and gum irritation in the mouth area. Additionally, it can affect your sinuses and, in turn, give you a headache (via Newbury Dental Group).

The eruption of wisdom teeth also makes brushing your teeth harder since there are now new areas that are harder to reach (via Newbury Dental Group). When this occurs, it's possible to experience a bad taste or foul breath in the meantime. Many people don't have to get their wisdom teeth removed, whether it's because they didn't grow any or their wisdom teeth grew in healthy, positioned correctly, and erupted fully.

According to Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre, wisdom teeth need to be removed if you feel stiffness in the jaw area or are limited when opening and closing your mouth. Wisdom teeth shift all other teeth and the jawline, so these once-simple actions are now difficult. Although surgery can seem scary, wisdom teeth removal surgery is one of the most common dental procedures out there (via Rockcliffe Dental & Denture Centre).