Is It Safe To Sleep With Earrings In?

If you have a tried-and-true pair of studs that you wear day in and day out, sleeping with your earrings in might seem like a more appealing option over having to take them out every evening. While certainly easier, there can be some risks that come with sleeping in earrings.

Let's start with when you should keep your earrings firmly in place. A fresh piercing needs time to properly heal and should therefore be left in as you snooze throughout the night, according to Healthline. New ear jewelry will need to be kept clean and intact for upwards of six weeks, as per your piercer's instructions. Take your new earrings out too early, and you run the risk of your piercing closing. Studs co-founder and CMO, Lisa Bubbers, explains via Today, "When you create a hole in your ear, your immune system kicks into gear and tries to heal and repair that hole." According to Bubbers, new piercings can close within a matter of hours. However, sleeping with earrings in can pose some health risks even if you've had piercings for years that have long since healed.

How to keep your pierced ears safe while sleeping

According to Healthline, tossing and turning throughout the night can cause strands of hair or pieces of blanket to become tangled on the sharp edges of your jewelry, and too much pulling can lead to earlobe sagging or tears — particularly with heavier pieces such as hoops or dangling earrings.

Additionally, sleeping with earrings in can impact hygiene, particularly if you experience nighttime sweating. Sweat can dampen your piercing holes, which can foster bacterial growth (via Byrdie). Not only that, but if your sheets or pillowcases haven't been washed in a while, that can further contribute to an accumulation of sweat, oil, and dead skin cells on your earrings, which can eventually cause them to smell, according to Women's Health.

Aside from removing your earrings altogether, to help keep your ears safe, experts at Healthline suggest sleeping on your back when wearing your earrings to bed. In addition, consider swapping out your metal earrings for a flat-back or silicone stud backing, both of which your hair will be less likely to get caught on (via Bustle). Alternatively, Sleep Bubble suggests the use of an earhole pillow — the center of which is carved out, so there's no direct contact with the ear.