Are Magnetic Lashes Safe To Use?

From social media videos to beauty tutorials and articles, tips for achieving long eyelashes are endless. One of the biggest trends for achieving luscious lashes is the use of magnetic eyelashes, which soared to popularity in 2018, reports WebMD

According to Elle, magnetic lashes can be applied by first using a magnetic eyeliner to which the magnetic lashes will be attached, or by placing two magnetic strips across your lash lines that will keep the magnetic lashes in place. 

Magnetic eyelashes differ from more invasive trends like eyelash extensions and other false lashes you can apply at home, which involve gluing the lashes to the eyelid and lash line. Unfortunately, this can cause significant damage to your natural eyelashes in addition to allergic reactions and eye irritation (per WebMD). In contrast to lash extensions, magnetic lashes don't use glue at all. But does that mean they're safe to use and without any risk?  

How to use magnetic lashes safely

Although magnetic lashes don't use glue, careful application is essential in order to prevent unwanted side effects such as eyelash loss and ingrown eyelashes. If you use magnetic eyeliner, it usually comes in a liquid form that is applied just like regular liquid eyeliner. Like any other cosmetic that's applied around the eye area, it's recommended you replace it at least every three months to ensure that bacteria doesn't grow in the bottle or tube, as recommended by Healthline.

And just as important has how you put them on is how you take them off. Thus, magnetic eyelashes should be removed slowly and with care, reports Elle. If they are removed quickly and carelessly, or if you don't wash your hands before touching the areas around your eyes, then side effects such as pink eye (conjunctivitis) and inflamed eyelids (blepharitis) can occur. You also risk ripping your lashes and the skin around your lash line. By following these simple steps you can ensure your health and safety when using magnetic lashes.

Lastly, you should always be aware of the ingredients in your makeup products, including magnetic lash strips and liners. If you develop an allergic reaction or inflammation, it is best to seek treatment from your healthcare provider. Cold compresses can also ease the discomfort of inflammation if you experience an adverse reaction to your falsies (via MedicalNewsToday).