The Real Reason You Should Avoid Fresh-Squeezed Juices At Restaurants

Fresh-squeezed juice is the ultimate refreshing drink. It's not always possible to make this drink at home and it is fun to be able to enjoy fresh juice when eating out at a restaurant. However, experts say that you may want to avoid this beverage the next time you dine at a restaurant (via Insider). Fresh juice has a risk of containing harmful bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella, as opposed to store-bought pasteurized juice. This risk increases if the juice is not stored properly or sits out for a long period of time.

You should not purchase fresh-squeezed juice if you do not know when it was made or how it has been stored. Because fresh-squeezed juice has not been pasteurized to kill bacteria potentially lurking inside, germs from pressing machines, utensils, and hands can contaminate the juice. You should only purchase fresh-squeezed juice from restaurants that have excellent health practices and don't let the juice sit out for extended periods of time.

The healthiest juices to drink

Whether you drink safe freshly squeezed juice or bottled juice, some kinds of this drink are better than others. Most fruit juices are high in sugar, so the best options will also be high in nutrients that make the drink more worth your while (via Healthline). Cranberry juice, for example, is well-known for its ability to lower your risk of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI). It also contains powerful antioxidants that can protect your body from harmful free radicals.

Tomato juice is another healthy option thanks to the many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that tomatoes contain (via Healthline). One cup of tomato juice holds almost 40% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, as well as good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin K, and potassium. Tomato juice also contains an antioxidant called lycopene, which can reduce the accumulation of plaque in your arteries and help lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Carrot juice also contains antioxidants that can protect your eyes and reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer (via Greatist). One cup of carrot juice also contains 250% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A in the form of carotenoids like beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Other healthy juices to sip on include beet juice, orange juice, and grapefruit juice.