What Is Crystal Bed Therapy And Does It Help Anxiety?

Crystal bed therapy is a form of energy healing that uses crystals to supposedly free your body of negative energy. Those who believe in the healing power of crystals claim that crystal bed therapy can help align one's emotions and provide mental, physical, and spiritual clarity. According to Mindbodygreen, the therapy involves lying on a bed for an hour while a set of seven crystals is suspended in the air above you.

A chromotherapy machine is also used to help light up the different colored crystals, each of which correlates with the body's different chakras, or energy centers. Each session is conducted by a crystal healing practitioner, who may also incorporate meditation, sound healing, or visualization into the mix, depending on the person. For instance, it's not uncommon for practitioners to use crystal sound healing bowls that align with each chakra and conduct a guided meditation. The sound bowls typically emit a frequency of around 432 hertz.

Does crystal bed therapy work?

While many devotees believe crystals have energy healing powers, scientists disagree. In fact, there's no scientific evidence to suggest that crystals have any significant effect on energy or one's mental, physical, and emotional health. According to Prevention, crystals have no medicinal properties. In fact, any perceived benefits can be attributed to the placebo effect. Crystal bed therapy might be a relaxing and calming experience for some people, but whether or not the experience feels helpful is all a matter of belief.

Although the practice certainly isn't backed up by science, going into the experience with a certain mindset can go a long way. "Sometimes the best thing is a placebo. It gives you that possibility of change and hope," certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and owner of Modrn Sanctuary, Alexandra Janelli, told Prevention. Not to mention, it's not unusual to feel more relaxed after lying down and meditating. However, any benefits you get from crystal bed therapy ultimately rely on keeping an open mind.