Warning Signs From Your Tongue You Shouldn't Ignore

Your tongue is a small mouth muscle made of eight mini muscles and it does a whole lot more than just help you differentiate sweet, sour, or bitter tastes (via Smiles on Michigan). This organ is packed with thousands of taste buds all over its surface, giving it incredible powers to distinguish different flavors. Most people are born with a tongue that's 4 inches long but the size may occasionally vary.

The human tongue is naturally covered with a mucosal layer, explains WebMD. The tiny organ plays a vital role in helping you talk, chew, and swallow. It has a whole network of nerves that remains in communication with the brain. The tongue's natural color is pink. However, at times, some underlying health conditions may cause the tongue's color to change. Hence, the color of your tongue can tell a lot about your wellbeing. The texture of the tongue is also quite important. According to Healthline, a healthy tongue appears smooth except for the papillae which are a part of the taste buds. But if you notice any lumps or bumps, it could be because of a health issue.

What's your tongue saying about your health?

Per Healthline, if your tongue is red, it could indicate a vitamin B deficiency, eczema, or even Kawasaki disease. If you are a smoker, your tongue may appear brown. A blue tongue may indicate that you're not getting sufficient oxygen, which may be a sign of lung or kidney disorders. If your tongue is purple, there may be an issue with proper blood circulation and it could be a symptom of a heart condition. Moreover, a white tongue may indicate oral thrush, a condition that causes yeast growth on the surface of the tongue, typically as a side effect of certain medications or age (via WebMD).

A hairy tongue is also an alarming sign you shouldn't ignore. If the texture of your tongue appears fuzzy and dark, it means you have overgrown papillae taking on the appearance of dark hair, according to Colgate. It is more common in males but generally occurs in those who do not brush properly or regularly. Frequent brushing is important to shed the small buds.