Can Cinnamon Help A Toothache?

Cinnamon is an incredibly potent spice packed with plenty of health benefits. It's derived from a special kind of tree called Cinnamomum, commonly found in Sri Lanka, surrounding the regions around India, and Myanmar (via Brittanica). Because of its amazing aroma and unique flavor, this spice is often used as a spice in baked goods and curries, according to BBC Good Food. The spice is made ready to purchase in both powder and stick form.

Aside from using it to bake mouthwatering desserts, cinnamon is beneficial for a variety of health issues. Most people use cinnamon to ease flu-like symptoms, particularly a sore throat, thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties, reports the Medical News Today. Additionally, this spice is useful for improving gut health and can help get rid of digestive ailments, says BBC Good Food. Cinnamon also holds immense benefits for boosting your neurological health and may prevent the decline of brain cells, which ultimately leads to Alzheimer's. Moreover, if you're a diabetic, you may take cinnamon to regulate blood sugar levels as well.

Is cinnamon useful for a toothache?

Tooth abscesses usually develop as a result of a bacterial infection caused by proliferating microorganisms in the cavities or holes in your teeth (via Mayo Clinic). This kind of toothache can be so severe that it could interfere with your routine such as eating habits, work, and even sleep. In short, it can be hard to ignore. However, research suggests that cinnamon can be a useful spice to deal with toothaches. According to a 2019 study published in Pathogens, when cinnamon oil is mixed with a particular type of oregano oil in a toothpaste, it can prove to be effective against the bacterial contaminations caused by Streptococcus mutans in the mouth.

Similarly, another comparative 2011 study published in Acta Biomedica, discovered that using cinnamon oil is more potent against oral bacterial infections as opposed to the popular clove oil. If buying a cinnamon oil toothpaste is not a viable option, you can easily create your own cinnamon honey mixture at home. To begin, take one teaspoon of cinnamon and mix it with five teaspoons of honey, as per NDTV. Then apply the solution every day to the aching region and see its magical effects in reducing toothaches.